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Writing & SPAG

Week beginning Monday 18th May


This week we would like you to focus on reading and writing setting descriptions.

Just as you did with the information leaflet a couple of weeks ago, simply follow the links to find lessons from the Oak National Academy.

If you feel that something easier would be better for you, then please work through the other tasks that you can see here instead.

Week beginning Monday 11th May


This week we would like you to write an information text (non-chronological report) about an animal.

It doesn’t really exist, but imagine that there is an endangered creature called the Tongo lizard. You task is to write the page about it that you might find in an information book.

Follow the tasks in the presentation to help you put it together. Use the challenge sheet or the extra-help sheet if it’s right for you.  Remember to email us your finished work!

Week beginning Monday 4th May

This week our English lessons look at reading and writing information texts.

We are going to try something different by asking you to follow a sequence of lessons that have been recorded by teachers at the Oak Academy. Each lesson has a video to follow and tasks for you to complete. Just click on the link for each day.

We would be very interested to know how you feel about this style of learning, so why not tell us by emailing ?

If you find that these lessons are just not right for you, please look at the ‘something easier’ work instead.

Please copy and paste the link below that will take you to the Oak Academy work for this week.  Email your class teacher if you have a problem.


Week Beginning Monday 27th April

This week we would like you write your own version of the story, The Present.  Watch the film, then use the PowerPoint to help you write your own version.  Within the PowerPoint you will find some comprehension questions, completing them first will help you write your story.  Also, you may like to complete the SPaG work relating to speech before you write.  Email us your finished work!

SPaG: writing speech

Week Beginning Monday 20th April

This week we want you write the story of Alma.  First use the link below to watch the film, then use the PowerPoint to help you write.  You can email us your finished work.  Also let us know if you need any help with your writing.

Spellings week beginning Monday 20th April

General Resources

Writing Guidelines produced by Twinkl. A reminder of various text types and the grammatical features you should include in writing.

Quick SPAG quizes, answers included. Ignore references to SATs, we don't need to worry about these anymore!


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