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Rainforests -

Lesson 1 - Week beginning 20th April


We would like children to research products or products that contain ingredients that come from the rainforest.

Could they initially create a list of products they think come from the rainforest?

Once they have made a list from their own knowledge they could then consult the website links to find out more.

Task -


Focus on one particular product. Think about how it is harvested or collected, how it may be made into its final product and how its transported around the world.

Produce a creative report, using words and pictures, to explain all about the chosen product. 

Try to make your report informative and creative! 

Lesson 2 - Week beginning 27th April


Unfortunately this week we were due to be on our trip the The Living Rainforest to explore as closely as we can what a real rainforest would be like. (Don't worry we will try to rearrange the trip in the future so you all don't miss out)

For this weeks lesson I would like you to imagine that you are walking through the rainforest and describe what you would see. Use the website link below to The Living Rainforest to discover exactly what you would see (blue frogs, sloths etc.) 

Try to be as descriptive as possible and maybe give a little extra factual information about the plants and animals that you see. I wonder if anyone can transport me to the rainforest with their wonderful writing?

Lesson 3 - Week beginning Monday 4th May 2020


We would like children to write a non chronological report about a rainforest animal. Have a look at the powerpoint below about how to write a non chronological report plus the example that shows what a good one looks like.

The website links will help with animal research to get lots of animal facts.

Lesson 4 - Week beginning Monday 11th May


The Coolest Plants in the Rainforest.


Have a look at the website link below and read about some of the plants of the rainforest.

We would like you to create an informative poster about one of the plants. Ensure you use a large illustration of the plant and you annotate the picture with lots of written facts.

Lesson 5 - Week beginning Monday 18th May


Changes to Environments.


This week we are going to think about the drastic and devastating effect that changes to living things environments can have, for example you already know some of the effects to the rainforest plants, people and animals from deforestation. 

Have a look at the powerpoint below to see other ways in which environments have become spoiled and threatened the living things there.

We would like you to choose one of the factors (litter, deforestation, oil spill etc) that are causing devastating changes to environments, do a little research about them and then write a letter to your teacher telling them how these things are effecting the environment and then what we could do to try and stop them

The websites below are a good starting point for research...


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