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Design & Technology - Chocolate Making (steps for making chocolate bars with our own toppings)

In music this week, we learnt how to play the note 'E' on a Glockenspiel. Did you know that it is similar to a Xylophone, however the bars are made of metal whereas a Xylophone's bars are made of wood?

Computing - this week we learnt how to use Google forms and we created questionnaires in order to collect, analyse and present data for our D & T lesson.

Anti-Bullying Week - for PSHE we paired up with our buddy class (Hedgehog Class) and designed some anti-bullying awareness posters together. CHANGE STARTS WITH US!

Estimating, measuring and comparing the lengths of our jumps in Maths, using a metre stick.

Fairtrade- In topic we have learnt all about Fairtrade products and how important it is for us to support farmers in other countries by buying their products. They are able to get a fair price for their hard work and they can use that money to support their families by buying clothes, food, houses and to pay for their children's education. We made these posters to persuade people to buy Fairtrade products.

In art, we learnt about Vincent van Gogh and his famous painting (Starry Night). We tried to draw our own Starry Nights using pastels and they came out beautifully.

Mayan Workshop - we learnt about the Mayan people, where they came from, what food they ate, what they did and how they lived.

PSHE - We have been learning about feelings and how they are identified through facial expressions as well as body language.

RE posters: learning about the Rites of Passage of different religions (Hinduism and Judaism)

Shadow investigation - we recorded our shadow lengths using a measuring stick, to tell how our shadows changed lengths throughout the day (morning, noon and afternoon)

Shadow length Experiment - we wanted to see how shadows work when a light source is closer or further away from an opaque object...

RE: Rites of Passage -Christian Baptism still image

Brainwave challenge on the trim trail - we all had a chance to go on the trim trail and to see if we improved from our first try by practicing and learning ways to tackle it differently the second time.


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