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Year 6

Road Safety Workshop


This week the Year Six pupils enjoyed a Road Safety Workshop that focused on safety around lorries.  The children learnt about the blind spots around lorries and what they must do to keep themselves safe.  Some teachers had the opportunity to sit in the cab and a lucky few got to beep the horn!

Syon Park Visit

The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Syon House.  They learnt about the important role Syon has had in British history over the last four hundred years, how it originated and how it is maintained to this day.  Lunch was spent in the impressive conservatory, which at the time of its construction was the largest of its kind in the world!

Local Area Walk

The children spent an afternoon visiting areas of historical importance around our school.  They learnt about the origins of various alms houses such as the Ingrams Alm Houses which are the oldest houses in Isleworth.  The children spent time by the river and considered how it is used today in comparison with the past.

Visit by Local Historian

Christine Diwell, a local area historian, gave the students a talk about Isleworth.  Christine showed the children wonderful photos of Isleworth in the past as well as fascinating old maps.  The children were able to identify lots of landmarks that have remained the same.  

Year 6 - Aut 1 pocket plan

School Journey / Activity Week Presentation Oct 2019

Year 6 curriculum meeting presentation

Homework Information

As of October, all the children in Year Six have been given a wallet containing multiple maths homework sheets.  We expect the children to complete one of these sheets per week, to be handed in on Thursdays.  We will explain to the children which sheet to complete each week.


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