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Wider Curriculum - Pirates!

Pirate Research project

This topic is very much intended to be a child led research project. We use the project to engage children in finding their own information through reading, watching videos and internet research. It is also the opportunity for children to learn how to pick out the important information from these sources and answer questions posed. We direct learning through posing these questions but like to allow children to follow the research that they find most interesting.

The questions should open up learning options and help children learn about things that interest them. Eg.

Which job would you most and least like to do on a pirate ship and why?

Children will need to find out about all the jobs on pirate ship in order to make this decision and give an explanation.

We do teach children how to word a search using an internet search engine and select a site to look at (usually ending a search with 'kids' or 'children' will provide more age appropriate results). We also spend time learning about internet safety and what to do if we see something inappropriate. This is very important when using internet searches to help us learn. 

Wider Curriculum work about pirates


Find the Caribbean on a world map. Use an Atlas to label a map of the Caribbean (in the workbook). Make a pirate map including a key.

Make a map of your garden/house/park and hide some pirate treasure which you mark on the map and other people in your house can find using the map. (Leave this activity until last in case we do get back to school and can do it there if we can organise a pirate day)


Design Technology

Design, make and evaluate your own pirate ship made from recycled packaging, which must float for at least 5 minutes and be able to carry a small crew of Lego pirates and some treasure (approximately the weight of a small satsuma!) Your ship must have sails and a flag but otherwise the design is entirely your choice. (Investigating the floating capability of different objects is a great place to start!)



Investigate and design your own pirate flag



Learn some pirate songs


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