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Week 4 11.05.2020

This weeks English will be bringing all of the work together that you have already done for your story!


Monday's lesson is planning out your whole story and deciding where your character and setting description is going to go. I have given you an plan with two stories planned out on it and there is also a prompt sheet too. On the Flipchart the plan is broken down bit by bit with prompt and support for when you are filling in each section of the plan.


You can use the help sheets from the previous weeks as well!


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be writing up the story from beginning to end over those 3 days. There are examples for each part of the story on each day.


Remember to reread each paragraph that you write when it is completed so that you don't have 4/5 paragraphs to edit at the end.

Flipchart for the week and powerpoint


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