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Week 1 20.04.2020

This week in English we are focusing on performance poetry. The majority of this week, work will not be written. Instead you can send your class teacher a video of your work via email.


Use the video links to support and show examples of performance poetry.


Tuesday 21st April 2020

Today go through the features of performance poetry using the powerpoint and video provided. Next use the storm poems provided, read through them and discuss ways that the features could be used in some of the poems.

Wednesday 23rd April 2020

Refresh your memory of the features of performance poetry and practice and perform 1 of the poems provided in Tuesdays work and record the performance, you may email this to your class teacher.

You can use body percussion such as stamping, clapping, rubbing hands together, etc, you can also use musical instruments.

Storm at Sea read by Miss McLaren

Storm Dragon read by Miss Kirby

Raining on the Trip read by Miss Howe

The Rainmaker Danced read by Miss McLoughlin

Thursday 24th April 2020

Write your own storm poem thinking about the performance poetry features. There is also a help sheet provided for vocabulary that could be used.

Your storm poem could be about rain, hail, snow, a sandstorm, blizzard or describe a storm as an animal like the storm dragon poem and the storm in Mousehole Cat.



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