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Doodle a day

Day 16: A plant

Shaila's four seasons

Limoni's plant

Day 15: A book cover

Amber has been reading Boy at the back of the class

Day 13 and 14: 2 opposites 
Day 12: Inside something
Day 11: My Family
Day 10: An alien
Day 9: A holiday
Day 8: Something you have missed

Samar has missed fast food

Day 7: Something that makes you feel alive
Day 6: Day of the dead (Cinco de Mayo)

Miss Sultan's Cinco de Mayo

Mr. Morecraft's day of the dead

Amber's Candy skull

Day 5: Something cute

Mr. Morecraft's Groot

Samar's cute food

Miss Sultan's cute snacks

Day 4: Something outside your window

Outside Tanushri's window (looks VERY familiar)

Day 3: If you were a Disney character

Mr. Morecraft's disney version

Day 2: Something fast

Jayden's fast car

Lyla's superspeedy Mr. M

Mr. Morecraft's Snail on a rollercoaster

Amber's fast cookies

Day 1: Something from the circus

Miss Sultan's clown and seal

Amber's Big top

Daisy's Canon Stunt Artists

Mr. Morecraft's Clown


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