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School Dog

The Isleworth Town School Dog ‘Lottie’ lives with the Deputy Head, Miss Bassett. She is a very caring and well-behaved dog who is an asset to the school. Many people have studied dogs in attempts to decipher their behaviour, and the theories abound. However, you just have to witness the interactions between dogs and children to realise the potential for greatness.

Lottie is a cocker spaniel and came to live with Miss Bassett at 11 weeks of age.

Lottie has public liability insurance. This means she is able to come into school. Lottie regularly visits the vet for check-ups. Whilst she is there, they administer worm and flea treatments as well as make adjustments to her food intake to ensure she remains a health weight.


1. Dogs teach children responsibility. Having to remember to feed, provide water and show support for a dog can give children a sense of importance and satisfaction that they can’t get from school or other chores. The relationship that develops can be life-changing for a child and a great support system as they themselves continue to grow and develop.

2. Dogs teach children patience. Dogs do not always do as they are told first time!

3. Dogs teach children compassion. Just like humans, dogs feel emotion and pain. They are prone to injuries and the infirmities of age during their relatively short lives.

4. Dogs teach children about socialisation. Like most of us, dogs are social animals who enjoy and need attention and affection. By learning how to interact with a dog, children can learn how to better socialise with other

children. If they can learn the social cues of a dog, then interacting with humans who can talk will be easier for them.

5. Dogs are fun. Last, but certainly not least, dogs are a lot of fun. They greet you with a wagging tail every day and can cheer you up even on your worst day.


In addition to the 5 key reasons for Lottie joining us outlined above, we also believe she will improve the children’s abilities within the school's five core values and help to improve and secure higher attendance levels.

Lottie will be based in Miss Bassett’s office on the days she is in school.

Lottie's School Photo - hasn't she grown!


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