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Short stories by the class

The bitter cold swerved pass the menacing cliff edge and around the cheering men and into the open lighthouse window, splashing the old man with a chill of ice. He was a short man, he had no living relatives and therefore spent his life in the lighthouse writing. No one knew exactly what he was writing, and some people didn’t even know he was there let alone what he was doing. His clothes were torn and greasy, but he didn’t care unless it got on the pieces of paper he was writing on.
All of a dreadful sudden, the light went out. The old man got up, pushed his chair back and began to rush up the spiral staircase, towards the turning mechanism, everything looked fine there so the man realised that it was the bulb that had gone wrong. Hearing the confused cry of the towns people, he sprinted up the second flight of stairs.
Almost instantly, he understood that there was something wrong with one of the wires. Realizing that, he picked up the huge, glass dome and tried to place it on the ground. There was two terrible smashes. One of the dome on the floor, and one of a very unfortunate boat coming to the town to deliver a few provisions from a neighboring town.


By Amber


War never ends!

Written by Limoni

In a world full of darkness and hopelessness, a notorious dark lord has defeated good and is turning life into death. Our many heroes have failed us and are no longer alive. I’ve got a lot to fill inside me and it’s life and memories. Humans are crawling to find shelter while others stay put hoping this is all a dream. Shamefully, no human can survive or defeat the dark lord’s evil wrath.  The light is fading away for me and nothing can be seen but suffering. I feel lost. I start to question myself, “Is this a dream?” “do I even exist”. All I know is I’m going to die now, without saying good bye to the people I love. This is my worst experience. The wind howls as souls get whipped away. If only light could shine upon us again. Light has faded.


By Limoni




Amy got lost on her way home from school, so she decided to go and roam in the park to see if anyone could help her. It was almost 8 o’clock at night, so a blanket of darkness covered all the roads and houses. Only the howling wind was to be heard. Amy’s heart thumped as she stumbled through the dead silent park. All she wanted was to find home and feel safe, but as she stood in the middle of the park she felt nothing but vulnerable.

 A shadowy figure was sitting on the bench at the gate staring down at the cobblestone path. Amy’s hands started to shake and she quickly shut her eyes hoping it was all a dream. Luck was not on her way and what she thought was imaginary was truly real. She was tempted to ask this person for help; though someone or something told her it was not safe. Then, the shadowy figures head lifted and it’s glowing eyes stared right at Amy like like the fire of a furnace glowing bright. The creature’s head tilted to the side as it stood up walking straight towards poor Amy. Feeling clueless, Amy stood still, her feet glued to the mud. As if it was never there before, the shadowy figure vanished in a blink of an eye.

Suddenly, something unusual touched Amy’s back and all she could see was darkness,utter darkness. It took a couple of minutes for Amy to awake, though that’s what she thought, it could off been long hours. She was in some kind of dark sack that was being swung around in the breeze. Amy couldn’t help but think that someone had taken her and that she could never escape and that made Amy fell terrified. Someone was carrying her and she had no clue who it was or where she was going . In a moment, she was plonked into some kind of crammed space like a boot at the back of a car. A door slammed shut. Some type of engine started and something started to shake. Yep definitely a car Amy thought. After what felt like years the car slowly came to an end and the door slammed once again. Struggling, Amy wriggled and wriggled until she found the opening to the sack and climbed out. Staring through the window, a very ugly looking woman who had scraggly dull clothes and unbelievably knotty hair, stood in front of a young man who was wearing a red checkered shirt and  trousers that were halfway down his legs . Quickly, Amy saw the woman heading towards the boot of the car. As fast as possible, Amy tried to clamber back into the sack. she couldn’t find the open hole, panic set in and soon enough the car boot opened. Amy screamed.

By Lyla


Intrigued by the paintings in the gallery, I observed a special one and headed over to it. The wind sliced through the mischievous men fighting for the city of Eragog as they shivered yet still went into battle. The trees rocked to and fro harshly. As they clenched certain body parts in agony and pain, I could see blood splattered on the floor. Spears and arrows were being thrown everywhere the sound of cries could be felt by looking at the painting. I could feel with the warriors in battle.

As I stared more deeply I could make out strange things included in the painting moving. Unless I was in Hogwarts with Harry Potter, this pecuilar feature was unlike anything seen before. Even more strangely, I could see the soldiers popping out of the picture. They clenched swords tightly and they weren't in a happy mood. After some time they had  surrounded me with weapons; I had no chance to escape!

As calm as I could manage, freaking out on the inside, I explained that I was perfectly harmless and didn't taste nice. Yet they still went closer to me and threatened me. I thought I would pass out with fright. However I kept my cool and stayed innocent. The swords were  now at my neck and started to pain I had to do something, that too quickly.

Rapidly, I ducked and dashed to the painting. the hole they had came from was still open and i had an opportunity to escape. I quickly hopped in. My heart was pounding. I this had to be too good to be true. Already they had started to appear. As quick as lightning, I jumped into an horses' hay place . Sprinting foward, the attackers went into a different direction from me. With a sigh of relief, I layed down onto the horses' poo. At this point, I didn't really care

When they were completely out of sight, I went back to the opening. As I went towards it, I realised that it had closed. "Oh no"I said to myself. From the opposite side, the warriors came charging like an furious bull "Well here we go again!"I shouted


By Kabir


The boring day
So bored… there was absolutely nothing to do.  Sophie was determined to find something productive to do. It was the school holidays and although she’d been looking forward to it, she could think of nothing as boring as it was now. What could she do? The question repeated itself over and over in her head, until she couldn’t bear it any longer. She longed for an adventure, anything at all that could help her escape boredom…and then she heard it.
Thump! It was from the attic. Then again. Thump!  Sophie sprang to her feet with a shocked expression plastered across her face. She decided to go and explore. After all, what else could she do?
Thump! Up the ladder she went, then through the hatch and into the attic. The sound grew louder with each dreaded step she took. Her heart beat faster and beads of perspiration gathered on her forehead as she tentatively walked towards the noise. Sophie was expecting something to lurch out of the shadows at any moment now, or some sort of creature to grin at her in the darkness… but no. Instead, she was staring at a painting. An ordinary painting.
She was disappointed. As much as it would have scared Sophie out of her skin to see a creature leap at her, at least it would be something to keep her occupied with. The lack of thrill and excitement weighed her down. Thump! And still the noise carried on. A wave of unexplainable questions coursed through her brain, waiting to be answered.  Where was the noise coming from and how? Something brushed against her arm. She turned around to find a box filled to the brim with old items and artefacts. Rummaging about, Sophie found a pair of rusty glasses, an ancient clock and many photos. These objects fascinated her, so she spent a few more minutes studying them, until she came across a worn- out pair of binoculars. And then… the sound stopped.
Sophie turned over the binoculars in her hand, wondering why the thumping had stopped. Instinctively, she looked through the binoculars, at the painting. The boat in the picture emerged from the frame, spilling water with it, but when she saw the painting without the binoculars, it looked normal again. She looked through them again. The picture was coming alive!
She was petrified. But then, a great idea occurred to her. She could view any picture using these binoculars and see them come alive!

By Tanushri


My Warhammer battle
It was an ordinary day, me and my sister were arguing about who would go on the swing. After my mum sent me to my room, I was fed up and something I find that helps me calm down is painting my Warhammer. I proceeded to my room secretively holding Warhammer paint brushes and paints.
My mum always tells me to bring a clock up so I don’t paint too late, but seeing as she just shouted at me I didn’t really care about what she said to me. It was summer so nine o clock seemed to me like five o clock. I remembered my mom telling me I had five more minutes left and then about an hour later everything went black.
I remembered seeing Warhammer figures talking to each other but the only thing I could make was, ‘Take cover!’ then a big wave of fire came, my eyes slowly closed and my legs went limp and I fell down. I woke up with heavy armour and finding it hard to move. Someone told me, ‘You were recovered by our apothecary.’ They handed me tools of war which they call an auto boltrifle and a chain sword. A space marine  instructed me, ‘Use these wisely.’ as he charged in to battle.
I looked down the scope and saw an enemy right in the middle so I pulled the trigger as a bullet  thundered down the barrel as it hammered at the enemy’s armour impaling him against a wall. I heard the vvrr of the chain sword as it sliced through an enemy’s armour.
I heard the whir of the storm raven gunship as it raced through the air dropping battalions of enemy chaos space marines which led to a pounding heart and more waves of fire came as I heard my heart in my ears.
All of our remaining forces got together and we had a plan, we were going to risk a few shots and then when there was a wave of fire came, we would duck. I forgot the plan and when the wave of fire came, everything went black.
I remember waking up in bed and my mom said, ‘Good morning.’ I went down for breakfast and I thought, ‘Was that a dream?’ After breakfast, I went up and saw much more Warhammer on the battle field. ‘It wasn’t a dream?’……….


By Noah


It was a normal day when this happened. You probably won't believe me but it's true. If I tell you, you need to promise not to tell anyone ok. Good, I'll tell you from the start of my day.  For me it was the best day of the year because we were about to move to 3D painting school, which was where I had been begging my parents to go to for a whole month. As we arrived, I felt another room form in front of my eyes. However, it wasn't there, it was somewhere else in the school. While my parents were talking to the headteacher, I secretly headed the way I thought the room was, but before I could even get out of the entrance hall a tall body came out of nowhere and loomed over my tiny person. As I looked up, the body spoke in a high-pitched sort of voice that said," I wouldn't do that if I were you." and left as soon as it came with an evil dummy sort of laugh. When that happened, I got so scared that I ran back to my parents screaming my lungs out, but as I did that the voice came again saying, “I wouldn't do that if I were you." Luckily, I stopped screaming before the voice could come again.
I tried again and again to find the room and in the end managed to get there because I kept getting flashes of the room in my head, also my name kept getting called out to me. When I got closer to the room, my name was getting louder and louder until it sounded like a deafening roar in my brain. I entered the room and noticed it was full of 3D paintings that other people had done. Even though I was mesmerised, I still felt a little uncomfortable because it seemed like all the paintings were looking straight at me, until I heard something shuffling behind me. When I turned around, I realised that the object shuffling, and the voice was coming from a painting of a living dummy. I shouted, “It’s a painting of a living dummy!" I knew it was a mistake because I then heard it say," Who ya calling dummy, dummy! I told you not to come here." Then I blacked out. Aching all over, I woke up to find that I was as stiff as a plank and my back was right against the wall. I tried to move but I couldn't, then I saw my body on the floor. I tried to scream but nothing came out of me. I thought I was dead when I understood that all the painting including me, we were all real children, but the dummy had turned us into paintings. It was an evil painting. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!


By Shaila



Anxiously, he looked both ways being careful not to get caught but suddenly he heard the sirens go off making his ears rattle. He jumped out the picture and ran as fast as he could along the hallways trying not to fall. He screamed as the police started to catch up, soon he saw light and rushed through the swinging doors, knocking the police out. He hated that picture he had been stuck in  it all his life, he would get ignored constantly and feel jealous that the other pictures got more attention then him, that's why he decided to flee to somewhere else where people would admire him. 
Quickly running around the corner, he tripped up on the crooked path, which was dirty, cutting his knee and making it bleed. Fortunately, he saw a loaded van driving his way so he decided to hop on unnoticed as it drove away.  As soon as it started to get late he found a comfy spot in the van and fell fast asleep, as he had done all that running earlier and needed some rest. In the morning, he woke to the sound of an engine starting and a car rumbling. To his surprise, he found this quite peaceful and relaxing being away from the art museum with no-one telling him what to do and bossing him around. Soon, he found himself riding through London and remembered that there was lot's of art places here and thought he could stay in one of them and soon be a famous painting hanging up on the wall. As he passed by a grand art museum he hopped off the van and secretly walked in, pretending to be a human coming to see the wonders of art. Luckily, he found a painting with  beautiful scenery and  dived into it and froze in a pose, not moving a muscle. In a matter of seconds, people gathered close to see the new painting, taking pictures of it and admiring it. Thinking to himself he could finally say that his dream came true.


By Ellie


Have you ever considered going to the future? I know it seems eccentric to ask but this story is about a boy working hard for the rest of his life after going to the future and looking at his unsuccessful job as a person who refills beer at a timeworn pub, where not many people come…
“But mum, “whined Tim, a ten-year-old, bodacious, belligerent boy, “I don’t want to go to school, Mr Jones always tells me off and gives unexpected tests just to give us agony!”
“Then just listen to him like the rest of the class” replied his mum, brushing his hair, which was like a forest brimming with animals.
In class, Jason, his best friend, were playing marbles until…….
“SILENCE IN THE CLASSROOM! “bellowed the teacher, “There should be no tomfoolery in this place!”
“Not even timfoolery, “he added to himself.
The teacher gave him a grimace albeit he did not heed to it.
First, there was a maths test. He didn’t like these he constantly failed. He started to think after he was given the test. After the quiz he asked Jason,” Hey, how do you get straight A’s…………. with a ruler!”
At Breaktime, he took his snack and then threw it in the bin! Abruptly, he saw a reflection of himself yet he did not perceive any mirror adjacent. Immediately, after he had fallen into the reflection, he saw Mr Jones cantankerously write an ‘F’ on his test and Tim knew he was travelling into the future!
He then saw a disappointing job and he knew it was an opportunity to discover his unsatisfactory occupation. After grasping the idea, he reeled towards it squeezing himself into that era.
He saw himself with a melancholy face etched on himself and he understood that he would get paid an exceedingly trivial amount of money and he had to amend it quickly.
He walked out and went proceeded to the present. All the times he would listen in class and make sure he understood. Before he knew it, he was at the epitome of intelligence. These marks had got him into a good secondary school, university and college.
This journey to the future had made a massive change in his life and his parents were always honoured of his feats. Also, this large change to his life lead to the job of the head of a robotics office!
                                                      THE END


By Seerat


One day a tall smart man called Thomas was going to a meuseum to put up some paintings.He always went to meuseums and loved to do it so headed there in his van .

Once he got there,he went straight to the paintings isle and got out his useful tools then,he created a pandemonium whilst putting them up.After he had put them up, he noticed that there was a glitter trail behind him and on the paintings.To clean it up,he went out to find a mop.

Because he left,a little boy with short brown hair and an orange short sleeved top walked in and slipped on the wet,puddly floor and noticed two light brown elephants tusks sticking out the painting.As they got longer,he stepped back noticing that all the paintings were coming to life.He ran.He ran and didn’t stop.

Just as he left the room,Thomas came back with a long mop and before he knew it the room was full with grey elephants,slippery water and colossal giraffes.He crawled across the floor and tried to get to the old,crooked door but it was no use he layed down and panted like a dog.Once he caught his breath,he was about to stand up but,”Noo”he screamed...


By Ruby


The man held the keys to all the answers but could never unlock his own. His family had gone, fled from the truth and now he was alone in his shack depressed and lonely. All he could see was the truth and nothing else he could unlock any secret or door in that matter. His life was a misery and nothing else. No drink, no tablet not even a spell could break this gift. Alas, he thought it was a curse and nothing would change his mind. He had on more case that night and they definitely wouldn’t get a pleasant greeting. The door swung open and in came is wife and son but of course he couldn’t see them for this curse had made him blind. There was nothing for it, he stood up and reached out in front of him and felt their presence only to realize who they were and why they were there. It wasn’t just his wife and son because they had brought someone else, his wife’s new boyfriend, who was holding a document. Half an hour later when they had left, he no longer had a wife and no longer had any feeling at all. He roared with rage and turned to the key of the land of the dead. Anger ran around is brain so much that he grabbed the key. In all his irritation he stormed towards the door and jammed the key inside the lock. Turned the key and… a flash of light blinded him and there he was in a gallery being commented on by retired artists. Until he stuck his head out and saw him as a child walking towards him. About to gain his curse.


By Amber


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