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Robin's butterflies fly away

We had an amazing time releasing our butterflies this afternoon. "Have fun in your new world!"- Sumaya

Rabbit Class had a fabulous time on the wildlife walk around Isleworth. A big thank you to Zeki's mum and Megan's mum for helping us.

Rabbit Class Coronation Day Celebrations!

Rabbit Class had a fantastic Eid Day yesterday. We got to ice biscuits, make a moon and star mobile, paint some henna and do some wonderful artwork!

Robin: We acted out the Easter story

On Friday we had a great time acting out the story of Jesus and the 5 loaves and 2 fish.

Rabbit Class have been busy creating these flower collages as part of our art project we are doing this half term. Don't they look great?

Rabbit Class enjoyed trying out their chopstick skills by eating noodles this afternoon.

Toys! Rabbit class brought in their favourite toys from home as part of our history.

Rabbit Class had a lovely day celebrating Christmas Jumper Day!

Rabbit Class walk around Isleworth with year 6 buddies!

Hedgehogs' Senses Walk


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