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Book reviews

Ruby's book review: Slime

This book is a fun filled book by David Walliams .It is about a boy who lived on an island and somehow(that’s for you to find out) creates a new friend made of slime.He travels the island putting things right.This is a humerous book that is full of funny characters,mean characters and you guessed it made up words that are claimed to be from the walliamsictionary. I recommend this book to you.

By Seerat


The Bed and Breakfast Star


Jacqueline Wilson’s book called ‘The Bed and Breakfast Star’ is an extraordinary book for anyone to read. The genre of this book is comedy.

The amiable protagonist of this wonderful story is Elsa, who saves her family from a ruby red fire, fierce with raging flames. There were no antagonist and my favourite character is Elsa because without her mistaken smell of chips her whole family could have perished.

 Also, I have chosen this book because it was one of my favourites for the story went from dull to interesting to exciting.

Elsa lives in a hotel called ‘The Royal Hotel’ but not that royal after she sees torn sofas and gloomy receptionists. When Pippa (Her sister) needed to go to the toilet Elsa had to take her there. Then, she finds a girl named Naomi and she was sitting on the basin. She is reading ‘Little Women’. That was what Elsa thought. The book was actually called ‘The cursed werewolf’ she had hidden it in disguise because she didn’t want her mum to know she was reading a petrifying story…

I will recommend this book for the lovers of…


Book review by Shaila


The books that I am recommending is called Harry Potter because it is very interesting. The book is about a child whose parents who die because an evil wizard killed them but he doesn’t know that and his aunt and uncle kept that secret from him. This is until Hagrid, Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry who tells him that he is a wizard. Then throughout the collection Harry, with the help of his friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, go throughout a series of problems to defeat the evil wizard Voldemort. I chose this collection to read because I enjoy books that include wizards and magic. These books are not like any book that I have ever read because the storyline is nothing like I have ever read before. My favourite character is Hermione Granger because when she corrects people and always wants to have exams it is very funny and humorous. My least favourite character is Voldemort because he tries to kill Harry because he wants to be the most powerful wizard but, in the end, he dies which he deserves. I would recommend this series to some who likes fantasy, magic, witchcraft and wizardry.


Book review by Mr. M


I have rencently finished a book called Kick. Kick is a story of a young boy called Budi who is passionate about football; he only cares about three things which are his family, his job in a shoe making factory and his beloved Real Madrid. He dreams of leaving the island to visit Madrid after he has saved up enough money but soon realises there are many other challenges in his life that makes the money just a small problem. My favourite character is Budi's nan because she tells Budi so many stories that keep his hopes alive and my least favourite character is Dragon, the local gangster who makes everyone's lives harder just for a little more money. I would recommend this book for any lover of football with good imagination. However, there is so much more that happens off the football pitch that excited me about the story. Football, gangsters, crime, family and sacrifices. 




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