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Week 2 27.04.2020

In the next coming weeks, you will be planning and writing a story along the same story line as Mousehole Cat.


This week you will be choosing your character. This choice will then effect your setting choice next week, for example if you choose a Toucan as an animal then next week you will be describing the setting of a village in the Amazon rainforest.

The animal choices are divided into the 3 settings:

- desert animals

- Amazon rainforest animals

- snowy mountain animals


You will only be choosing one animal from the whole collection, this animal will be the pet in your story, just like Mowzer in the story Mousehole Cat.

Expectations for character description:


Comma between adjectives

Use prepositions of place e.g. on top of, beneath, next to.

Use a range of pronouns

Use a and an correctly

Fronted adverbials


Challenge: Include the connective comma after the fronted adverbial


Children can use the help sheets from Tuesday's lesson to support their writing

Thursday 30th April 2020


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