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  • Doing Joe Wicks on YouTube is great way to start the day. This is live at 9am but can be done at anytime of the day. 
  • Gonoodle has some fantastic dances you could try.
  • Cosmic Yoga has some lovely yoga exercises based on stories and themes.
  • Playing ball games is great if you have a garden space. 
  • Try to walk, run, cycle or scoot for your outdoor daily exercise. Try to do at least a mile a day!
  • BBC Supermovers link dance to all sorts of topics (and it's a Badger Class favourite!)


Why don't you have a go at this fun exercise game of Snakes and Ladders?


  • Because we are learning about plants, perhaps you could research where different plants (including those we eat) come from and how they get from there to the supermarket/shop. 
  • It would also be great if you could make a map of the local area and show with symbols the places you go on your daily walk (or plan to go if you are self-isolating and unable to leave the house).


  • Can you produce an observational drawing of a plant?
  • Can you draw a cross section of some fruit?
  • Can you find some pictures by Giuseppe Arcimboldo and then have a go at producing your own fruit/vegetable face?
  • Can you produce a collage of an illustration from 'The Tin Forest' by Helen Ward (please google to find illustrations unless you have a copy of the book at home)
  • Can you produce a tin plant or animal that could be made in the tin forest?

Design Technology

Can you investigate, design, make an evaluate your own healthy snack? We would have been making healthy dips and dippers but you can choose any healthy snack. It would be super if you could have a go at peeling, cutting, grating, measuring, stirring as these are some of the skills we would have practiced. Try to make your final design look appealing and take a photo to send us! The workbook we would have been using is attached below so you may wish to follow a similar process to record what you have done. Enjoy!



Can you listen to a piece of music each week and draw a picture or write about what it makes you think of? You could also say what you liked best about it. It would be great if you could choose a range of genres from different time periods. 

Sing at least one song every day just to cheer you up!

Try to clap along to the beat of a song you enjoy - perhaps you could make your own instrument to play along to it.

If you have an instrument in your house eg. recorder, keyboard there are lots of starter lessons on the internet to help you learn.

As One

Just because we love this song so much and to remind us that we are one

As One Lyrics

Religious Education 

The Good Samaritan


We are thinking about children's rights and this one is particularly relevant at the moment. Please have a look and have a go at some of the suggested activities. This is a school wide learning objective so you could work with your brothers and sisters in the school.



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