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Week beginning 18/05/2020

Week beginning 11/05/2020

Week beginning 04/05/2020

Week beginning 27/04/2020

This week, we would like you to complete one of the activities in the booklet linked below. These activities are all about spreading happiness and gratitude. If you decide to have a go at the activity on page 8, there are links to some happy news stories below to get you started. Please share your creations with us via email!

Week beginning 20/04/2020

For PSHE this week, we're focusing on some self care you can do at home.

Self care is the act of looking after yourself and your health.


This task should take around 10 minutes. It's okay to take more time than that if you need it.

Underneath, we have attached some simple yoga poses for you to try at home.

Some people think that yoga helps them to focus better, so it could be helpful to have a go at this task before you start some school work for the day.


Before you get started, try this breathing exercise a few times:

1. Breathe in deeply though your nose

2. Puff out your cheeks

3. Breathe out slowly through your mouth

Week beginning 30/03/2020

Create a 'stay safe' poster explaining the ways of remaining safe at home and outside whilst in this current climate.


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