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Ms Cross

Hi Toucan Class!

Each week, I'm going to read a story from a place around the world and provide links to any extra interesting information relating to it.

Week beginning 08/06/2020


Please look at The Ickabog sub-page to hear chapters 1-4 of the story read by Ms McAndrew, Ms Kite, Mr Morecraft and I. 

Week beginning 18/05/2020

Romulus and Remus & Theseus and the Minotaur

Week beginning 11/05/2020

Tales of King Arthur/Tales of Maui

Hello everyone, hope you're all safe and well. I started out reading Arthurian legends but realised the recording was quite short, so I've included a story about the Polynesian demigod Maui, too. Have a good week!

Week beginning 04/05/2020


The tales of Ananse the Spider and the Forest Mother

This week, I tell a tale of the trickster spider Ananse/Anansi (from West Africa) and the story of the Forest Mother, a Warao tale about how the first canoe came to exist.

Week Beginning 27/04/2020


Sigurd the Dragonslayer

Week Beginnning 20/04/2020


The Legend of the Giant's Causeway


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