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Thank you Miss Ali! We will miss you! Good Luck from us all!

We drew portraits of Queen Elizabeth ll

Our caterpillars changed into Painted Lady butterflies. We had 3 butterflies and we loved watching them fly away.

Our Nature Walk. We used our identification chart to name trees. We looked for all kinds of animals and talked about their characteristics. We loved playing in the playground at Silverhall Park.

We looked at paintings by the artist Georgia O'Keeffe. We created and painted our own large flowers.

Yoga based on the Tiny Seed story by Eric Carle

We acted out the story of The Enormous Turnip!

Rabbit class enjoyed a plant hunt around our school.

Music in Rabbit class with Mrs Turner

In DT we designed an outfit for a toy for our homework. At school, we designed, made and evaluated puppets. We enjoyed making up our own puppet shows too!

We talked and wrote about our favourite toys. We thought about the materials they are made from too.

In Science we investigated the properties of Materials. After reading The Three Little Pigs story we carried out a science investigation. We made straw houses, stick houses (we collected the sticks) and plastic lego brick houses. We used a hairdryer to blow them down. The plastic lego brick house did not blow down and was the strongest. The stick house took longer than the straw house to blow down!

In Design and Technology we designed and made moving models of London using either a pivot, spinner or slider. At the end , we evaluated our models and discussed how we would add to make them even better. Well done to everyone for some really original designs and models.

We have really enjoyed learning all about London this half-term. We had a great Afternoon Tea party. Thank you to all the parent helpers for your support making the sandwiches and during the tea party too!

Rabbit class had lots of fun on Diwali Day!

Rabbit class have been learning about signs of Autumn. We went on an Autumn walk.

In PE, Rabbit class have explored balance, stability and landing safely.

Rabbit class enjoyed walking around Isleworth. Thank you to their Year 6 partners for helping them.


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