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Living things and their habitats


Week beginning 20th April:

Have a look through the Powerpoint about rainforests, it should act as a recap of what children learnt about rainforests last term. Think carefully about the different layers of the rainforest and which animals live in which layer. The task at the end is to design a new rainforest animal and decide which layer it lives in. Draw the animal and explain your choices for why it is suited to the layer it lives in.

Week beginning - Monday 27th April


This week we will be doing some more classifying of animals using a key. Children have completed a similar activity at school so this should not be something new.

Choose an environment and then complete the tick sheet using the pictures to help get all the information about the animals and plants correct.

Then try to create a question key that can be followed through to identify each animal. There is an example of this in the powerpoint.

Lesson 3 - Week beginning Monday 4th May 2020


Have a look at the explanation sheet below, we would like you to create your own classification key. It doesn't have to be about plants or animals just something that you can classify by using yes or no questions. My example on the worksheet may surprise you! Good luck and I wonder who can classify the best thing?

Classification explanation and example

Lesson 4 - Week beginning Monday 11th May


Have a look at the power point below about how we classify animals. Carefully read how we categorize them into different groups. Use the cut out sorting cards to present in your own way how to group all the different creatures. You could make headings and place living things under them or create a poster with some different creatures in. Be as creative as you like...

Dangers of changing environments


Lesson 5 - Week beginning 18th May


The final lesson for this science unit links closely to the topic work and changes to animals environments, use the link below to this weeks topic lesson (5) about the dangers of changes to environments.


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