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The Governing Body at Isleworth Town

Welcome to the Governing Body pages of this website. Here you can learn more about the responsibilities of governors and how they carry out their duties. The governance statement outlines some of the work and impact achieved by governors. We have endeavoured to make all information as accurate as possible.


The Role of the Governing Body

Governing Bodies are established by law as corporate bodies. The Governing Body of the school provides a number of functions and is answerable to parents and the community. Its role includes:


  • providing strategic management
  • acting as a critical friend to the school
  • ensuring accountability
  • promoting high standards of education and achievement
  • planning the schools long term future
  • setting the schools aims an values
  • appointing senior members of staff including the Head Teacher
  • budgetary allocation and control.


Governors are appointed from a range of backgrounds but all share a common purpose of ensuring the best for the school and children. Types of Governors include Parent Governors, LA Governors (appointed by the Local Authority) Staff Governors and Co-Opted Governors.

The Full Governing Body generally meets at least once a term while other Committees, which are used to progress certain areas of activity, may also meet once or more a term.


Who are the Governors at Isleworth Town?

Below is a list of all our current members of the Governing Body. In many cases you'll find a short introduction in the Governors' own words.


Eileen Sheedy - Headteacher

I have worked at Isleworth Town School for the last 18 years, 4 years as Deputy and 14 years a Headteacher. I previously taught for 12 years before coming out of the classroom. As a Governor I welcome the opportunity to work with a dedicated group of people who represent both the parents and wider school community. As a group of Governors we are ambitious for the school and are dedicated to continual whole school improvement.


Ellie Greenwood - Chair of Governors

We have lived in the area for more than a decade and were instantly impressed by the warmth and energy of the school when we first visited as prospective parents in 2014. With two sons now happily settled in the school, I am pleased to support it by being a school governor, having been appointed in summer 2017.

Professionally, my career has been spent in various policy roles in the public sector, most recently within local government.


Keith Johnson - Vice Chair 

I'm a parent of three small children who will soon all be at Isleworth Town. I was lucky to attend good primary schools followed by grammar school, and went on to study science at Oxford University. I then worked at the BBC for 6 years in various diverse roles and currently work as a freelance technical director for Sky News. I also taught part-time for 3 years on the post-graduate journalism course at City University. I have many other interests, especially information technology and music. I work as a semi-professional musician, playing mainly jazz and latin music, and co-teach a salsa music workshop in Kew. Music led me to Cuba in 2002 where I met my wife, spending a total of 4 years there and becoming fluent in Spanish. All the opportunities I've had come from the great all-round education I had. I believe the arts and physical activities are just as important as academic grades, and Isleworth Town embraces this. Music is particularly important, as research shows it improves performance in all other subjects. I think a good headteacher and a dedicated team of governors can make a great school and I look forward to being part of this.


Jocelyn Bassett - Deputy Headteacher - Co-opted Governor

I have worked at Isleworth Town Primary School since 2005, teaching initially in KS2 for four years before teaching in Year 1 and Year 2. I have led KS1 as Team Leader before becoming Assistant Head and now I have taken on the role of Deputy Headteacher in 2016. I initially became a Governor during my first years in the school and found it an invaluable experience. I now reprise my role as a co-opted Governor and it is a pleasure to work alongside others who are dedicated to supporting our school to ensure we continue to develop a community where everyone is valued and children are confident and become successful learners.


Nicola Bedford - Parent Governor

My daughter started Reception in 2017 and I am amazed by both her academic progress and personal development. I have been lucky to be able to help out in both Reception and Year 2 classes and love the energy, the sense of community and joy I've seen while being around school.  Therefore I was thrilled and honoured to be appointed parent governor. Before becoming a parent I had my own business specialising in IT training and travelled around Europe managing and delivering large scale training programmes. Since becoming a parent I have completed a degree in Criminology and Psychology and am hoping to continue my own education by pursuing a master's degree.  I am passionate about education and equality, particularly inspiring curiosity and a love of learning. 


Esther Berryman - Co-opted Governor

I live in Isleworth and my son attended Isleworth Town School from nursery to Year 6. We were pleased our son attended this local community school as he could learn and play with children near to his home. During that time I was a Parent Governor. I am pleased to continue now as a Co-opted Governor. I have been a primary school teacher for many years and I am senior leader in a primary school in Brent. My knowledge includes Special Educational Needs and inclusive teaching. I have also been a subject leader for science, history, RE and geography. As a Governor I will support the school so that staff and pupils are safe and thrive in their development.


Sarah Hopper - Co-opted Governor

I have lived in Isleworth since 2012 and have two daughters aged 6 and 3. My oldest is in year 1. I decided to become a Governor because I am passionate about my children’s education and about the school. Since my daughter started Isleworth Town I have been bowled over by the vibrancy of the school, the teaching standard and the overwhelming sense of community. I hope to be able to contribute to this. My day job consists of managing business continuity and resilience at the BBC where I have worked in various roles for .


Dr Mohamed (Soly) Ismail - Co-opted Governor

I am a Scientist at the Francis Crick Institute London, working on cancer drug discovery. My passion for science grew from an early age when I was introduced to it through structured learning, experimentation and, as importantly, fun. As a result of this I have been a scientist for more than 18 years and have had the opportunity to work in different countries around the world. I am proud to be a Co-Opted Governor in Isleworth Town Primary School and very glad to have the opportunity to inspire children through science so that they can then maybe become future scientists.


Madeleine Cross - Staff Governor 

I started my career as a class teacher at Isleworth Town in 2018, after completing a three-year Primary Education degree with a specialism in Special and Inclusive Education. Initially, I taught across all year groups in key stage two, and following that, taught in Year 5 for two years before moving into Year 6 in 2020. In the autumn of 2020, I was delighted to be elected onto the governing body. As a governor, I aim to use my knowledge and skillset in special and inclusive education to further support both pupils and staff at Isleworth Town. I am sincerely looking forward to collaborating with the other dedicated members of the governing body to further aid the development of our school.


Ahoud Alshaikh - Co-opted Governor

I am a dedicated educator who has more than 20 years of experience in education, as a teacher, vice-principal, and a researcher. Demonstrated history of teaching and school management. Particular expertise in teaching methods, strategy, education reform, and coaching. I am privileged to study at the best universities in education, where I have completed my master’s studies at UCL university which complements my experience to date. At present, I am undergoing my PhD journey in the area of educational technology and assessment at Exeter university along with a specialized certificate in school management and leadership at Harvard University.


I am blessed to be a mother of three great children, the eldest son was selected to be a gifted child and now specialising in engineering studies, my daughter was a math champion at her school which led her to study biomedical engineering, the youngest is a smart artist who is planning to be a paediatric doctor.


I hope I can add value and collaborate with my colleagues to support the Isleworth Town Primary School.


Thea Buchan - Parent Governor

I am a diagnostic radiographer and currently run the CT scanning service for a London Trust. I moved to Isleworth with my family in 2015 at which point my youngest child began Nursery at Isleworth Town. I have consistently been impressed by the standard of education and pastoral care within the school as well as the supportive school community. I think a governing body that supports and challenges the school is key to maintaining and improving standards. I have a number of skills from my profession that would allow me to contribute positively to our school. 

Ellie Tobin - LA Governor

I have worked in Children's Commissioning in Hounslow since graduating from the University of Cambridge in 2018. I work jointly for the London Borough of Hounslow (local authority) and NHS Hounslow CCG. I currently oversee spend and service delivery of children's services in the borough, including Mental Health, paediatrics and more bespoke services for children with complex needs, ensuring that we get the best value for money and improve outcomes. I hope that my professional expertise will add value to the Governing Body to support children to achieve their full potential, and likewise hope to learn more about education to influence my professional practice.


Outside of work, music is my passion; I am a classically trained soprano and sing in choirs in London and further afield. I love that music is so valued at Isleworth Town and hope to support this in future.


Raghav Gupta-Chaudhary - Parent Governor 

I was born and brought up in Isleworth, and am now fortunate to have a child attending Isleworth Town. In my role as a governor, I hope to leverage my professional experience, and passion for education, to support the school in reaching its full potential. Having read Mathematics with Management at university, I qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Since then I have further developed my financial and analytical skills in the private sector. I also have prior experience as a governor, having spent five years on the Board of my former secondary school – where I Chaired the Finance and HR Committee.

I am a firm believer in continuous improvement, and as a Governing Body I hope we can help the school, and its pupils, reach new heights.



Governing Body Committees 21/22


School Management Committee (finance, personnel, premises)

Eileen Sheedy

Ellie Greenwood

Keith Johnson 

Ellie Tobin

Raghav Gupta-Chaudhary




Curriculum & Standards Committee

Ellie Greenwood

Eileen Sheedy

Nicola Bedford

Lucy Barker

Ahoud Alshaikh

Esther Berryman (Chair)

Alex Turner (invited member)

Keith Johnson

Soly Ismail

Thea Buchan

Ellie Tobin

Keith Johnson

Maddie Cross


Health Safety and Safeguarding Committee

Eileen Sheedy

Ellie Greenwood (Chair)

Jocelyn Bassett

Nicola Bedford

Ahoud Alshaikh

Soly Ismail

Sarah Hopper (Vice Chair) 


Pay Committee – now incorporated into School Management Committee

Keith Johnson

Ellie Tobin

Nicola Bedford



Headteacher’s Performance Management Committee

Ellie Greenwood

Esther Berryman

Sarah Hopper



EYFS –   Mavis Tandoh

KS1 – Nicola Bedford & Ahoud Alshaikh

LKS2 – Soly Ismail & Thea Buchan

UKS2 – Keith Johnson and Esther Berryman

English – Nicola Bedford and Sarah Hopper

Maths – Soly Ismail 

Science –  Soly Ismail

Computing – Keith Johnson & Soly Ismail

PE –  Ellie Greenwood

Creative Arts  – Sarah Hopper and Keith Johnson

Website  –

Humanities – Thea Buchan & Ahoud Alshaikh

Inclusion and LAC – Esther Berryman & Ellie Tobin

Child Protection – Ellie Greenwood

Link Governor (Training / GBS) and HSGBA – Sarah Hopper and Ellie Greenwood

Data Protection – Nicola Bedford

PSHE – Ellie Greenwood, Nicola Bedford & Ellie Tobin



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