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Friday challenge

Week 4 - Mr Brewin's mystery ride - Can you guess where Mr Brewin has been this time? Which places in Isleworth has he visited?

Week 3 - VE day. We would like to encourage you to celebrate VE Day at home this year. We hope you enjoy it

Can you recognise these logos? I wonder how many? Where have you seen them?

Week 1 Summer term 1 - Coco the Butterfly | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure 🦋🐌🌈

Let's see if you can do some yoga with your family. Who's really good at it? :)

Week 1 - the sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray!! Let's try shadow drawing today then. I'm sure you can find a sunny spot in your home or in the garden. Use any toys you have at home - animals, cars, super heroes, dolls etc and draw around their shadows. That way you will create a shadow safari, or a shadow town, or a shadow dolls party :) I can't wait to see your shadow pictures on EY log. Don't forget to write your name on your picture


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