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Week 6 Beginning 6th July

Each week is organised into lessons for Monday through to Friday. There will be a worksheet for your child to complete with a 'help box' at the top to explain any key concepts or vocabulary (this worksheet can either be printed or written into your child's book). Friday's lesson is usually a mental maths test to ensure that children are revisiting key concepts each week, as well as applying the skills that they have practised that week. Worksheets will not currently be organised into 3 levels as they were previously, but the one worksheet has been pitched at a level that many children can access independently once they have started, as these are topics they have worked on before. Please contact your teacher if you need any extra help.


This week, we will be 'problem solving'. We will be practising solving mixed-operation word problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Later in the week, we will work through some fun investigations.

Try to follow RUCSAC as steps to success and use the key words as clues as to whether you should be adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing.

Your child may choose whether they use mental or written methods to solve each problem.

There is an answer sheet for parents for the investigations featured in lessons 3 and 4.

Key words for the 4 operations (posters to print or refer to)

Monday 6th July - Lesson 1

Tuesday 7th July - Lesson 2

Apologies if you opened or printed the answer sheet before 10.30am 9/7/2020. We realised that the latest version hadn't saved, whereby we had added another option for yesterday's answers and corrected a typo on one of today's answers.

Friday 10th July - Mental Maths Test


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