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Week beginning 18/05/2020

Week beginning 11/05/2020

Your French lesson for this week is about hobbies. Some of the vocabulary is the same as last week, as many sports can be counted as hobbies, too.


First, work through the PowerPoint, listening to and repeating the vocabulary.

Next, complete one level of the worksheet. One star = easier, two stars = harder, three stars = most challenging.

Week beginning 04/05/2020

Your French lesson this week is on les sports (sports).

  • First, listen to the pronunciation of the words on the PowerPoint. Practise saying them out loud. 
  • Then, play the snap game with someone in your house. If you forget how to say a sport, refer back to the PowerPoint.
  • Finally, complete the 'Sports' sheet.

Week beginning 27/04/2020

French work W/B 20th April

Your French lesson this week is about la météo (the weather).


First, listen to the way the words are pronounced on the PowerPoint. Practise saying them.


Next, play with the weather fortune teller with someone else in your house.

Make the fortune teller, then have Person A ask the question (Quel temps fait-il?).

Person B, choose a picture of the weather from the fortune teller and tell Person A what you think the weather is in French. For example: Il fait beau. Check your answer by lifting up the picture. Practise this with the different types of weather.


After that, consolidate your knowledge by completing the sheet.


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