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The week beginning 30th March is the revision and assessment week. Work through the revision booklet throughout the week. This will help you identify what questions your child struggles with so you can give them some more examples to increase their confidence. 


The tests are split into 3 (all non-calculator). Test 1 is an arithmetic test - allow 30 minutes. Test 2 and 3 are both reasoning papers - allow 40 - 50 minutes for each. Please provide paper for each test so your child can write down any working out they need to. Sometimes they can get some marks for a question for showing the correct method even though they did not get the correct answer.


You are able to read the question to your child if they struggle with this aspect, but you cannot help them beyond this. After each test, it will be extremely beneficial to go through them with your child, especially the questions they got wrong.


Access to these worksheet has been kindly granted by Twinkl

FREE app to help tell the time

In the description of this video is a link to a FREE app you can use to help your child tell the time.


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