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Week 3 04.05.2020

Last week, you wrote a character description of one of the images provided. This week, you will be writing a setting description based on which animal you choose. Example: if you chose from the amazon document your setting this week will be a storm amazon village.


Just like in the story of Mousehole Cat your animal's village is being attacked by a chaotic, devastating storm. This weeks sequence of lesson will follow the same pattern as last week, Monday's lesson will be a SPaG focus on speech so try to include a line of speech in your big write.

Tuesday's lesson is your setting plan using images provided to either annotate if you can print them or a selection of expanded noun phrases written into the purple copy books based on the pictures provided.

Wednesday's lesson will be the big write, writing up the setting description including the list of expectations along with help sheets that are attached below.

Thursday's lesson will be editing the work and finally Friday, spelling test.


Ideas for your storm could be:

- desert: sandstorm

- rainforest: hurricane, torrential rains, flooding or lightning storm (could be a combination)

- snowy mountian: blizzard or avalanche

Flipchart in PDF form with whole week of lessons - please use to support home learning


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