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Every year we remind the children of the PANTS rule in assembly and lessons. The rule teaches children which parts of their body should be private, to know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch, to understand that they have the right to say “no” to unwanted touch and to start thinking about who they trust and who they can ask for help. Please follow the link to find out more information and support for parents to carry out these conversations with their children and to learn the ‘Pantosaurus’ song!

  • Privates are private.
  • Always remember your body belongs to you.
  • No means no.
  • Talk about secrets that upset you.
  • Speak up, someone can help.


The lessons will introduce a range of safety ideas, all delivered in a way that’s fully age-appropriate, empowering pupils without using any frightening words.

These include:

  • good and bad touching
  • your child’s right to say no to things that make them feel upset or uncomfortable
  • naming parts of the body
  • who your child can turn to if they ever feel upset or worried.


Your privates are private and PANTS tells you what we do to keep us safe (Harry and Sofia - Macaw)

Letter to parents regarding NSPCC Speak Out Stay Safe assemblies


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