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At Isleworth Town Primary School we aim to:
·                 Develop a positive attitude to maths as an interesting and attractive subject in which all children gain success and pleasure;
·                 Develop mathematical understanding through systematic direct teaching of appropriate learning objectives;
·                 Encourage the effective use of maths as a tool in a wide range of activities within school and, subsequently, adult life;
·                 Develop an ability in the children to express themselves fluently, to talk about the subject with assurance, using correct mathematical language and vocabulary (as detailed in DCFS ‘mathematical vocabulary’);
·                 Develop an appreciation of relationships within maths;
·                 Develop ability to think clearly and logically with independence of thought and flexibility of mind;
·                 Develop an appreciation of creative aspects of maths and awareness of its aesthetic appeal;
·                 Develop mathematical skills and knowledge and quick recall of basic facts in line with NNS recommendations.
Teaching & Learning:
The school uses a variety of teaching styles to cater for the variety of learning styles of pupils in mathematics lessons. Our principle aim is to develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding in mathematics. We do this through a daily lesson that has a high proportion of whole-class and group-direct teaching. During these lessons we encourage children to ask as well as answer mathematical questions. They have the opportunity to use a wide range of resources such as number lines, number squares, digit cards and small apparatus to support their work. Children use ICT in mathematics lessons where it will enhance their learning.
 Our calculation policy has recently been updated to ensure smooth progression of skills from Foundation stage to Year 6. It assists teachers in teaching calculation methods that are in line with national standards and aims to give each child the necessary calculation skills to be able to solve problems independently. 

Enrichment activities: 
Our school actively engages and involves parents in their children’s mathematical development. 
We give children the opportunities to take part in mathematical challenges such as those organised by ‘Explore Learning’ and ‘The Happy Puzzle Company’. Foundation Stage and Key Stage One also enrich their curriculum by following the Numicon programmes. (Numicon is a quality first teaching approach designed to give children the understanding of number ideas and number relationships that is essential for success in maths.)


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