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Week 4 Beginning 22nd June

Each week is organised into lessons for Monday through to Friday. There will be a worksheet for your child to complete with a 'help box' at the top to explain any key concepts or vocabulary (this worksheet can either be printed or written into your child's book). Friday's lesson is usually a mental maths test to ensure that children are revisiting key concepts each week, as well as applying the skills that they have practised that week. Worksheets will not currently be organised into 3 levels as they were previously, but the one worksheet has been pitched at a level that many children can access independently once they have started, as these are topics they have worked on before. Please contact your teacher if you need any extra help.


This week's areas are Measurement and Statistics (Data Handling).

There are some helpful videos on BBC Bitesize so I have pasted the relevant webpage on the relevant day. Watch the videos first as they explain concepts and give you child a chance to practise before completing their worksheet.

Monday 22nd June - Lesson 1

Tuesday 23rd June - Lesson 2

Watch this video to find out about 'perimeter' then practise finding the perimeters on the attached Powerpoint before trying your worksheets.

Wednesday 24th June - Lesson 3

Watch this video on Data Handling and then try the worksheet below. There is also the option to complete the football-related bar chart activity (link on the Bitesize page below) if your child finds that more interesting.

Thursday 25th June - Lesson 4

Friday 26th June - Mental Maths Test


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