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Week 5 Beginning 29th June

This week, children will be writing a letter in the role of a doctor about the heart.


Every Friday, children should do their weekly spelling test using the spellings provided the previous week and complete a SPaG mat.  

SPaG mats are organised into 3 levels:

1 star is for those who are unconfident with this topic

2 star is for those who are confident with this topic

3 star is for the confident learners who are expecting extra challenge

You are only required to complete 1 level per lesson.


When writing in the purple text books for English there are a few things to remember:

- neat cursive handwriting (capital letters bigger than the smaller letters and writing on the line with finger spaces)

- write the long date and underline it and underline the title for the lesson. 

- capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, for names of proper nouns (names and places) and when using I

- use a range of punctuation such as full stops, commas, speech marks, exclamation marks and question marks


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