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Team Macaw

Upcoming group activities and challenges

  • Miss Sultan thought it would be fun for you to do a class Easter competition from home. You can bake or create anythng that shows what Easter means to you, use whatever you have in your home and be creative as possible. Miss Sultan will pick some winner and award prizes. You have until Monday 20th April to share your work. Good Luck Team!



Short stories competition winners

  • Tanushri + Seerat
  • Noah
  • Shaila + Ellie

Prizes can be collected on our first day back to school :) Well done team for all your stories

Book cover door competition results

Book cover door competition results 1
Hey Team, evidently we can't stop winning... Even when we aren't in school. Thank you SO MUCH for those that voted! We've won £40 to spend on books for the class so there is one more thing to look forward to when we get back! :) even better is, we beat Mrs Kaur! 

Alphabet game results



1st place - A lunch in class

2nd place - Chromebooks for a lunchtime

3rd place - Three dips in the box

Everyone else - 1 dip in the box


Amber 57 points
Lyla 56 points
Limoni 57 points
Seerat (1st place) 64 points
Marci 49 points
Kabir (2nd place) 60 points
Shaila 54 points
Tanushri (3rd place) 59 points


Day 9 - Oh my gosh. It's been a whole 3 weeks off for some of you and nearly two weeks for the rest of us. Time has just flown! your parents must be that much fun :) Frankie and I have done about 20 maths lessons and a bunch of reading today just to fill the time. After every 5 pieces of work we had a football match, which really helped with cracking on with the work.


Above you will see the alphabet game, you just have to fill the box with a work that starts with that letter. By creative answers, I mean clever answers. Answers no one else would have thought about.


Over half term, please keep up the reading. There are SO many free books available online that I would love to hear about when you get back to school. I'll try to update this page as much as I can, but I can't imagine there will be much to talk about. 

Lastly, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, and the gift of toilet roll from 1 child (i'll let you guess who got me that) AND the cake!... that I didn't get to eat (I'll let you guess who baked that). Hopefully I can bring in some belated birthday cake when we get back.

Day 8 - Pitch, punch first day of the month! Happy April Team! EMINEM is still alive... such a strong, independent fish! I'm in work today and we have THREE children in the class (for the lovers of maths, that's 0.3% of the school) so I have a busy day on my hands. I think I might design a new seating plan for the class for when you come back. I would have loved to do something for April fools with the class but that's quiet hard when you're expecting it and it would have to be online. Only 3 more days until the Easter holidays and until then, just keep going!

  • High score for class quiz (below) is 13! (Seerat!) Who can beat her score??
  • IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, VOTE FOR THE DOOR COMPETITION!!!! THE VOTING FORM IS BELOW. DOOR 5!! 1 vote per person (Wink, wink... if you have 5 people in the house, that's five votes for DOOR 5!) Think of the new books, team!!

Day 7 - 

Not much to say, other than I'm really bored! I hope you lot are working hard, rather than hardly working. I will try and record more of the book and post that later so you can follow along with the story. Other than that, have a good day!


Oh, and well done to the girls (Amber and Rubes.... Late to the party, but Limoni too) for beating ALL the boys in TTRS today! Well done... you can have a dip in the box for every boy you beat in the class! 

Day 6 - 

If you look under 'Home learning' in the Year 5 class page, you will see that we have added lessons for week two. They have been broken down into days and lessons so you will only have to do one from each section each day. Remember, the work on the class page and Mathletics have been set to be completed by Friday. I'm still at home and not in work until Wednesday but I've been busy writing some of your reports and getting things ready for lessons when you get back to school. There will be some extra bits added to the page as we go through the week. I would still really like to hear about some of the work you are doing from home and can't wait to share it when we return to school. As usual, PLEASE be reading your books each day and make a note of the book spines you will need to complete. 

Day 5 - Thank you SO MUCH to the children who shared their stories with us yesterday. It made me so happy getting to read your work through the day. I am waiting for a couple more stories and once I have them, I will be able to give out the list of winners but in the meantime you can read the stories submitted so far in the link at the top of our page. Today I have added a quiz about the class to test how well you have been paying attention this year. Dip in the box for any 20 out of 20! Lastly, I hope you guys enjoy your weekend. I miss you guys!!
Day 4 - Thanks to Seerat for competing in the Macaw vs Teachers TTRS competition yesterday and thanks to everyone else who joined us in the SpellingShed competition! Well done Dylan, Ellie, Seerat and Tanushri for scoring so well in it. Please check in with Mathletics to complete the new work (well done Viigo for being lightening fast so far!) and make sure you are able to read through the day. Only 2 more 'school days' until the weekend!! 

Day 3 - Im glad so many of you are enjoying your time off and doing some excellent work that your parents have been proud of. Please, please, please make sure you are reading for at least 30 minutes a day, think how many book spines we can add to the class! (Amber, I'm on the last chapter!). Work will be added to 'Homework' and Mathletics more regularly as some of you have already finished the workbooks. 


Today I want to know what have been your 5 favourite moments of being in Tiger and Macaw class (parents are more than welcome to submit answers too). Copy and paste the link to list your top 5 choices:

I'll compile the list and post the results tomorrow. 

Day 2 - Team, by yesterday lunchtime Jayden had gone home so there were no Macaws left. With the lockdown going on I hope that you guys are able to remain calm and enjoy your time with your family. As of today, even I am staying at home so I will be unable to get you books but I am still able to help set work, help with work and give out logins that you may need. Also, I plan on recording the rest of Checkmates for you to listen to as we still have 20 chapters left. 

Happy birthday Sid! From Macaw Class

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