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Contact a teacher feature

Contact a teacher feature is now back with a bang and this time you are able to share work, stories, facts, ask questions and set a challenge for the class, if you wanted. If you have pictures to send, you will have to use the email below in your email provider's website.

So long and thanks for all the fish! - Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. 


There is only one thing left to say, thank you. To the class, who went along with the madness and the parents, who trusted in the madness.


I was approached by someone from my new class yesterday and they asked "Is it true that you only play games in your class?" I simply replied, "No, I teach lessons like every other teacher in the school" 


I was told by someone in Macaw that Year 4 and 5 have been some of the best years because all we have done is have fun in class. 


This reputation and perception is no coincidence.... At every opportunity, you have let me teach the way I wanted... With a laugh, with enthusiasm and fun and you made it work. The fact some of you don't quite know how far you've come is both scary and exciting.


Learning can be fun and doesn't need to stop when you leave school. I hope that all of you now understand the bonuses of putting the work in early and that you smash it in the next couple of years.


Try and do a book a month and know that learning can be as fun as you want it to be if you are willing to learn and trust that the teacher has your best interests at heart. 


Goodbye, good luck and have a safe summer. Catch you on the flip side, team! 



Don't be upset because it's over, smile because it happened - Dr. Seuss



Woah! Cut. us. deep!


That is the last goodbye at 3.30pm we will ever have as class. Just to put it into numbers, as I love numbers....


We have had 360 3.30pm goodbyes since we started in 2018!

I have taught you for 1 fifth...  or 20% of your life and you have made me the happiset teacher alive for the last 9% of my life (it's because i'm older that the number is smaller, I don't like you less)


Tomorrow is the end of a great time and I can't thank the home learners enough for all the emials that they have kept sending in. The next year is going to be such a big year for you and I really can't wait to see what comes of it. In May 2021, we will see what has come of all this time and it's going to be a blast seeing you walk over that stage. OBVIOUSLY, we are going to pick up at least 50% of the awards because we are born winners. 


Until September, thank you, deep down, for everything over the last 2 years. The laughs, tears, arguments, the inside jokes and the hard work has all been worth it and if I could rewind time, I wouldn't wish for too much of it to have changed.


Have a safe summer and get pumped for a Year 6 year that will push you all to your potential :)


Mr. M

Day 68: 


Two. days. left! It's all a bit emotional but at this point there isn't much we can do about it. 


If you want, please take the oppurtunity to come in on Friday from 2pm to visit the class and collect your books. 


The link for the memories are still below, please take the time to fill them in and share it with the class.

Day 67:


Macaw class, Macaw class, Macaw class, Macaw class, Macaw class, Macaw class, Macaw class, Macaw class..... Isn't it annoying to hear your name being called many times over and over again. Except, this time it's me and not you. 


Sadly, that's probably one of the last times I will ever get to say it! Crazy when you think about it. 


What I would like to do over the last few days is get together a bank of memories you have had in the last couple of years. It could be on anything! I know there are things you can remember that others may not have remembered. It'd also be nice to look back on it down the line when we come back to this page in the years to come. 


Follow the link below to submit them!

Day 66:


As we enter the last week, emotions are high. Some people just want it to be over, some people don't want it to end and some people are just looking forward to the summer holidays, and we can't really blame them for that. It's been an absolute slog some weeks!


Today, the class found out where they are going next year, what teacher they have and who their teaching assistant will be. All the class' money was on Ms Mander or (wishing, hoping and pleading) Mr. Davis! However, her it is... *drumroll please* If you have not seen the letter then:


Your class: Eagle class

Your teacher: Ms Hassan

Your TA: Ms Thomson


As for me, I am going to be back prowling in my lair (Tiger class), which is a welcomed return to Year 4 and, because I have an issue with letting you lot go, I will be just next door to your new class. You can't away that easy! 


Oviously, In September, we will have to go our own ways and stay with our own, new classes so Friday is almost a good bye and good luck to next year! 

Day 65:


Today is the day that I tell your parents what I really think about you. Reports are coming out today and they are emailed to your parents, I hope you able to sit down are share the reports with your families. I have loved every second of the last 2 years and I hope that the report reflects this from this year. Monday will be when you find out your teacher and that is, basically, the end to all of it! Sad day with lots of happy memories! 


Have a good weekend Team!!!

Day 64: 


64, 64, 64 Zoo Lane! If you haven't seen 64 Zoo Lane then watch it on Cbeebies.... Even I watched it as a child! 


I hope you are well, I don't have much to add today... Sorry. I just hope that you are having fun at home.

Day 63: 


Wed-nes-day! What a peculiar spelling! 


Today I got an email from Ruby that I'd like to share with the whole class. It was so nice to see her learning getting taken a little further and present SO well! 


Ruby's mum: 


Ruby was so inspired by her science work last half term where they had to plant a vegetable to see if they could grow more (see photo below of what happened when she planted a potato)

Ruby asked if she could start to grow her own vegetables.
Her dad made her a planter out of recycled wood and Ruby is now growing her own vegetables which she is caring for daily.
She used a variety of methods using seeds,old vegetables and plants
Ruby wanted to show you what she has been doing.

Ruby's garden!

Day 62: 


According to my calculations.... this is the 12th school week that we have been doing this. That isn't including the school holidays! 


Just to inform you, if you want to come into school on Friday 17th July at 2pm to collect your books then you are welcome to come in for an hour to Macaw class.... and only Macaw class. When you get to school, you will be directed to the class by following our one way system. It may take an hour to find your books so in the mean time we will have to have a catch up to kill time. It's just how it has to be! 

Day 61: 


The penultimate Monday you will have to call yourself a Macaw. Dun. Dun. DUUUUN! I can't say that we made the most of it in class... we just did the standard lessons and played football in the playground. The teams were Frankie, Shaun and Jayden vs Sam, Me, Iasmim and Dylan. It was a close game but my team won 5-4 :D but the other team did not make it easy for us considering they had fewer people. 


On another note, can I just say how lovely it is to have emails coming in still. The best part is, that I can enjoy them with the rest of the class but if you have a shout out for the children that are in, then email in! 


Now that the pubs ave opened up again, I had the pleasure to see Ellie-May! we had a chance to sit down... at a safe distance and have a catch up. Would you believe it that she wants to stay at home in her own clothes, instead of coming back in wearing itchy school uniform... It doesn't make sense to me! :P  

Day 60: 


We're ticking down to the last few days.... In 10 school days our crazy rollercoaster of a journey is over and you're someone else's problem! Not much happened last week but only because we weren't given the chance to be winners. Did anyone have any little wins last week?


If the game was to get on my last nerve, can you guess who won the prize this week? :P 


As much as I might complain, I'd rarely have ity any other way :)


Let me know if you've made any little achievements in the last week.....



Day 59: 


Thursday. I'd hate to be Thursday if I was a day. Imagine people always wishing you were Friday or telling you that you always felt like a Wednesday... WORST. DAY. EVER. 


Thankfully, we aren't days of the week and, luckily, we are Macaws and have been Tigers. Whirlwind of a couple of school years. 


The best part of all of this will be the return. IMAGINE how amazing it will be when you get to return to school as a whole class and catch up.... IN PERSON! Mindblowing. Already looking foward to September. 

Day 58: 


Oh how I do love Wednursdays! :P 


Okay, so i'm slowly catching up on a few things. I feel super duper productive and I think I deserve another day off school for doing so well. If only. 


Many many days ago, I broke down how many days we had left... looking back on that now, we have very few days left to say that I am your teacher and you are my pupils. In just TEN school days, you'll be somebody else's pupils and can I just say, I already know that they are excited to teach you. It's going to be different (in a good way) and I think it is the best possible ending to your time at Isleworth Town. This may or may not come as a shock to you, but I won't be teaching you next year (although, I was crazy enough to ask). I think you are due to be told about your new teacher on Friday 10th July or Monday 13th.


As Lyla, the talking calander, is reminding us in class, this is the 3rd to last Wednesday as a class.... BUT, think of all the other Wednesdays we have managed to make it in for. What a time to be alive. 

Day 57: 


Tuesday,Tuesday, Tuesday! (again, let's just all pretend this is a Tuesday). 


Having 50% fewer children in the class comes with it's benefits but I, foolishly, presumed I would have at least 50% extra time to do things... this is not the case. We failed miserably at doing a class video for the page and we didn't do any better at coming up with a game for the class.... or the rest of you to play along to at home. On a positive note, we managed to call some children as a class today and were able to ask some.....interesting? questions to some of the children at home. If you were able to talk us, then I hope you had fun. And if you were lucky enough to live close enough to the play ground and herad us shouting your name, then I hope that that was a nice addition to your day. 


As much as a handful of us are back at school, we would still love to hear what is going on for you guys at home. We can only imagine how it feels to still be at home. If that was your choice, then I am happy that you are happy. If you would like to hear from the class again then we would be more than happy to call as a class. As you know, we are always looking for other things to do... after our work, obviously.

Day 56:


Nobody honestly thought it would go this far and I personally feel accomplished that I kept this up for so many days. Today is Monday (let's just pretend this came out on time) and we are three months deep on school being on pause. Some have relished in coming back for another week, others hope that they would get the chance to come back in and other feel perfectly safe in the comfort of their own home. How ever you spent this time would have been special, i'm sure. 


Moving onto the most important news, IN THE WORLD, Macaw asserted their dominence on the world of TTRS again last week and ended up as the SIXTH highest scoring class in London. I mean, it's not the third best in the country like last time, but my gosh is was a great competition. If you played at home, then you played VERY VERY WELL! Shout out to Sam and Dylan for finishing 2nd and 3rd in the school and Lyla, Shaila,Viigo, Ayaan and Frankie for locking out the next 5 spaces! Can we stop winning... I think not. 


On another note, Premier League made a resurgence in class and some characters cannot be happier that some of the big dogs aren't in class. Step aside Kabir, Sam and Lyla are cleaning up the league and have laid down the gauntlet for your to come back as a mere challenger. 

Day 53, 54 AND 55!


Hey, sorry for the radio silence. Having the children back in class has taken its toll on my mornings when I would normally write these things. I've still got to make a number of phone calls this week and, if you're lucky, it'll be me and the rest of the class on the phone to you. Be prepared for the questions.... and the noise! I hope you are all doing well and managing to do the work that is being set. If you do have any questions while you are at home then please do not hesitate to ask :)


Missing you all,


Mr. M and the other half of Macaw Class

Day 51 and 52


Sorry team, we got a bit carried away yesterday and I wasn't able to get to the post. I did try to record a video for you lot at home, from us in the class, but it didn't quite go to plan. However, we will try again. If you have any pictures of yourself at home school, then send them in so we can add them to our class. It'd be nice to have a full class. Even if 15 of them are pictures.  


On another, being the TTRS Gods that we are, there is a TTRS competition for classes in London this week. As it stands, MACAW class are the highest scoring class IN LONDON! and Isleworth Town School are the 2nd hisghest scoring school IN LONDON! If you can, get on to play between 2pm and 7pm. 


On another another note, The school currently have 4 players inside the TOP 50 IN LONDON. If you would like to be our fifth, then please log on at 2pm and play for however long you want (with your parent's permission, obviously)

Day 50: 


At 9.30pm last night, I was emailed....

A list of children,

children from Macaw class,



Unreal scenes, team!


For those that can't come in, I ASSURE you, we will do as much as we can to keep you involved with our days. This pages is about to get busier and it'll be like you are here with us!... but at home... 



Day 47, 48 and 49:


The quest to figure out who is the new Macaw in the bubble continues! 


Kabir AND Amber: Is it a boy? - Yes

Mr. M: Are they good at maths? - Yes

Seerat - Does he wear glasses? - Yes
Seerat - Has he got a strong vocabulary? - Sometime, it's often been a target for him

Kabir: Is he competition for Alex and I in maths? - Sort of, he isn't competitive but will wipe the floor with you two some days.

Amber: Is it Dylan? - Yes!! Ding ding ding ding ding!

Day 46: 


Today, another Macaw is joining the Year 5 bubble. Asking only yes and no questions via the message a teacher feature, you have to guess who it is. I will post all questions and answers here when I get them in. 


Day 45:


Kabir: "Today has been a adventure as I went out on my bike and did a few thrilling and crazy stunts." (I think he is in the process of making a compilation of tricks for his new YT channel)

Ruby: "For my art work this week I made a rainbow using a glass torch and felt tip pens."

(Pictures can be seen in the photo album)

Ruby again: Ruby made a science game, that can also be found in the picture folder.

Amber: Amber is in the process of writing her second chapter book during lockdown. She has made it clear that we will never get to read her first attempt.

Tanushri: Tanushri has been in the process redecorating her room and reading a crazy amount of books in a short space of time.

Limoni: Limoni has also been redecorating her room! (What are the odds?)




Day 44: 


BOO!.... I bet that scared you.


Now that you're awake, listen up! During this time we have all had time to do new things and perhaps get better at some of the things we were already good at. Maybe Kabir has nailed his spin bowl a bit more, Zahra is on the verge of finishing her masterpiece or Lewis has built an extension on his flat with Lego bricks. Basically, you guys surprise me so often that I think anything is possible. Today I want to hear about all the new things you have learnt or the skills that you think you have become much better at. Use the message a teacher feature to share it with all of us.

Day 43:


Don't you just love days that are prime numbers!


I'm in a rush today so can't leave much here, sorry. If anyone has any news that they would like to share with the class then please email in so that I can fill this space with your news! 


Proud of you lot!

Day 42:


In fear of Tanushri spotting a spelling or grammar mistake I have made, I have read and written this carefully :P


There is a news briefing later on BBC 1 at 5pm about how schools may or may not begin to reopen a little more. It should provide answers to some of the questions you and your families have had about schools reopening.


As of yet, we do not know how the school will respond to this news but we can all have our fingers and toes crossed that we may have a chance to have one last game of Grinch, Gibbon or Splat in the class. We can only wait patiently. 



Day 41:


At this point I think it's just plain unfair that it's been this long. But what are we going to do about it. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some of the work you got up to last week. Send in any pictures or writing you did last week.

Big shout out to Limoni on her 10th birthday!

Day 40: 


Forty days and thirty nine school nights. We're coming into the home straight for the school year and what a year it has been! I think we can all say that this year has been one of a kind and there is still so much time left for change. I've managed to phone 1/3 of pupils in the class and all seem to be doing well so far. I'm really proud of how you have managed this situation for so long :) Stay safe.

Use the message a teacher feature to suggest the next object, or answer the code.

I'm going on holiday and i'm going to take:





Addition square

Egg timer


grated cheese


Simple recipe


Ruby can't take a tomato, yet.

Day 39: 


Oh, hey!


Kingfisher class have been a blast! much better than all children I used to teach. I vaguely remember Vito? Baliha? Shazney? Marik? It's all just a blur. Why am I even writing this!? 
















I kid! Miss Sultan and I miss you so so so much! I hope you are all keeping well. 

Day 38: 


Wed-nes-day! the quirkiest of the days in a week. I was thinking of all the things we would normally be doing on a day like this, way back when.


Wednesday would have started like any other day, with the usual, we would crack on with maths and somebody on Sid's table would have mentioned how simple the first task was but Frankie would tell us how hard it was.... eventhough he hadn't looked at the sheet. Ellie would have been told to stop doodling at least once while Shaila redelivers my lesson.... in Spanish instead (hero... or heroine!) Alex and Kabir would be moving onto the challenge work in record time all while Viigo would be looking for the pencil (that is probably under his seat).  If there is an assembly then I would have forgotten and the lesson would stop suddenly and we would all rush out of the class and into the hall. 


Break would come next and there was always a new game or rule that caused a problem but you enjoyed playing it while it lasted, which was the nice part. We'd come back into class and move onto English. This time Amber's table would have the gumption to spot several mistakes that they have seen.... that I did on purpose, for a test..... and in turn make the lesson a little bit better. Then finish it off by blowing us away with an impressive example of how the work should have been done. Tanushri and Seerat probably did just as well on their table but they won't willingly share their work. By now, Viigo has found his pencil and is cracking on with an exciting and imaginative piece of work. Boom, time is up, Now it's guided reading... My oh my how the morning has flown. It's now guided reading and many of the boys have already got their books and are sitting under the board wrapped in blankets and pillows before I have even told them what the groups are doing. But I don't mind because they look like they are enjoying talking to each other... oh I mean, reading independently (silly me). Just towards the end, four people would tell me the time and someone even tells me it's lunch time. I tell them that I know, several times.


Now it's lunchtime, yum yum. There is a race to request the switch or the lego so I would have the JOY of having you guys in my class for ANOTHER 30mins. It's one o'clock now and Lyla, Limoni and Marci have come over, with their sweetest voices, to tell me how much effort it is to eat over the otherside and how much easier it would be to eat in class. Because it is Wednesday, I let them. Then they scurry back to the other girls around the lego to inform them of their good news. Even better, I have more children in my class for even longer. Luckiest. Teacher. Alive. 


At this point, i've been depleted of all energy and afternoon looks long...


Lunch is over and you're all back in and it's oddly quiet..... Until I hear "Mr. Morecraft, can I tell you something?" before I can even say "Yes, Noah" I hear "Did you know....." and the class are taught another fact that we didn't know but am glad we are that we do now and are a little bit smarter. 


My oh my. That's just half the day. 


Feel free to email over a short paragraph of how you think a wednesday would go in Macaw Class. It'd be good to hear someone elses perspective. 

Day 37: 


Well, here we are. Deep into the summer term and still managing things from home. This 'new normal' will soon just be a normal and then being back at school will be strange. it's funny how things go sometimes. Eye have spied with my little eye Iasmim, Frankie and Sam but they have been in a different classroom and playground pod so we haven't had anytime to catch up properly. Talking about characters in our class, Eminem is still alive and keeping the people working in the office happy as larry BUT I need someone to have him at home over the summer and into future. I think he should stay with a Macaw child.... Basically, this is the most important and precious dip in the box you will ever have. 


Doodle of the day: Eminem


Use the message a teacher feature to suggest the next object, or answer the code.

I'm going on holiday and i'm going to take:





Addition square

Egg timer


grated cheese


My half term in five words:
Amber - Seeing friend from a distance

Mr. M - Played board and video games
Ruby - Fun scooter,arts and crafts

Tanushri - Lost in world of Inkspell

Day 36: 


Welcome back to home schooling team! I don't know about you but the last week really did drag! It's going to be nice to be back into a routine and communication with you again. 


As we often do, I would like you to sum up your half term in 5 words. Use the contact a teacher feature to give me your five words. 


I'm back into school full time as of today, so I may be a little slow to get back to emails but I will check at lunch and break each day. If anyone needs a new reading book then please let me know and I can leave them in the office for a parent or carer to collect. 


It's that time of the week again where we will be making phonecalls to the class so keep your ears open for a phonecall! Hopefully, you will have a lot to talk about after being away from work for a week and lockdown rules have eased slightly. 



Doodle of the day: Something new

Day 34.5:


Sorry again team, yesterday was even busier than the day before. But the class has finally been sorted. Fingers crossed we get to all see it again. It's the half term so you lot can do whatever you want. My emails are still open so if you have ANY questions or work to send then I would be more than welcome to respond throughout the week. 


Have a great half term with your family! 



Day 33:


Sorry, sorry, sorry team. I was in school today and I just had way too much to do this morning so couldn't post. As of 1st June, i'm back to school but i'm teaching children from Kingfisher.... who!?... I know right! 


I had to tidy the class and, as you can imagine, this took me and Miss Sultan a while.... It was all her junk, I swear. However, our class isn't being used and i'm migrating over to the class of our swarn enemy.... Mrs. Kaur. I'm going to leave lots of #TeamTigerMacaws around the room tehehe!


If you've not spoken to us recently then you should be getting a phonecall from me or Miss Sultan tomorrow.


Doodle of the day today was brought to you by Shaila. The four seasons. Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring all on one page. Do with that how you wish. I wont post a doodle tomorrow as this one came out so late today. 

Day 32: 


I'm half way through the phonecalls and, may I say, it has been a pleasure so far. Evidently, you have been up to a lot more than me by the sounds of it. We still need a few more people to enetr in the Alphabet game, which you can find below and a few more doodle of the days to build up the gallary. Keep up the hard work this week and just know that you have a week of holiday next week.


Doodle of the day: An animal

Day 31: 


TEEEEAAAAM!.... Hi. I haven't got much to add today, other than I hope everything is going well. I'll be ringing around today to most children to see how things are going. Have all your stories at the ready. 


Doodle of the day: A plant

Day 30: 


Where the heck did that weekend go!? Fun's over, now it's back to school work... which is just as fun :) 


I've attached below an image and some information about a WORLD RECORD that has been created for TTRS. Nobody has the record yet BUT I reckon someone in our class could stand a chance. It would just take some practise and then hopefully one of you could be back in the swing of it, like you were before. If you don't fancy being a world beater then you don't have to.


The art work is flying in and may I say that it is remarkable what you are managing to do at home. I love it! There is an alaphabet game below that you can take part in for prizes and we need more people because we honly have 3 players so far. Shaila is winning but you could stop her by picking some of her answers. 


As always, there is a fresh batch of work for you to do and as it's a new week, you will be getting a phonecall from me at some point :) 


Doodle of the day: A book front cover

TTRS World record

TTRS got in touch with GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS about how fast some times tables rockers are getting. After some conversations they have created a new title - "the highest score achieved on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars in one minute!"
To make an Official Attempt, players need to record a video of themselves achieving their highest score in the Studio* and send the video to by 23:59 UK time on 4th June 2020.

Day 29: 


We're nearly at a month's worth of school days off. Including weekends and half terms, it's been 56 days! The art work has been on fire this week and I've posted some below that have impressed me. 


I'm back at it again with the alphabet game. Again, 3 points for an answer no one else used, 2 points if one other person has your answer and 1 point if fewer than three people have the same answer as you. 


Enjoy the day team


Doodle of the day: Opposites

(I messed up yesterday so this is 2 doodles in 1, it would be two things that are opposites on one page)


Back stronger

Day 28 (late on day 28):


Hey Team,


Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has those days.... am I right? Sorry I'm late on this update. I enjoyed the chance to get out a little more today, which was a well needed longer walk. I hope you guys are also finding the time to actually get out for a little exercise (safely, obviously). I've got to make a video message tomorrow for you guys, though I wouldn't expect anything special as I think the message can only be just over 1 minute. I missed you lot today. I walked past school and I could see old Tiger class through the playground.... memories! Do you remember that time!? I'm proud of you Macaws for sticking it for this long and being so good about it. Hopefully we can make the most of the return and finish the year in style, like we do!


Thanks again for all your work you have been sending in. Some of the artwork is mind blowing. I've known most of you for nearly 2 years and I am still being surprised. I really appreciate it. It makes me happy to read a story, look at some art or stare at some lego you've made for a bit. 


Cheers team! So proud of all of you!

Day 27: 


Sup peeps! Lockdown measures are slowly being lifted, which is good for those that wanted to go to a local park for a walk about. Maybe take a sketch pad and pencil, maybe take a camera and tripod, MAYBE take a canvas and acrylics. You do you... with your parent's permission and adhearing to social distancing measures. 


I imagine that there are a few of you that are wondering what is going to happen next and as of yet we don't know either but, like with everything else, when I know something you will know it too. Keep up the hard work and enjoy the middle of the week. It's all down hill from here. 


Doodle of the day: Inside of something

Day 26: 


10 days until half term but until then we just have to keep things going! Judging by the phonecalls, most of you are chipping away at as much work as you can, which will really help when you return to school.


Funfact, Mr. Davis and Ms Basset were on Sky News last night because Sky came into our school to talk about returning to school. Who would have thought that you had a teacher that has now been on TV!


Doodle of the day: My family




Day 25: 


Welcome welcome welcome back you wonderful Macaws! As you can see, you all have lots of wonderful new activities to do each day AND new chapters of the books! We spoil you guys like crazy! I hope you lot are holding up well and the 3 days off were a well needed break.


I have about 10 more children to call today so if you haven't spoken to me or Miss Sultan then be prepared to! I'm yet to hear something bad about you lot. I can't believe that not one of you have messed up enough yet.... This must be a record! 


As usual, keep your work coming in and do as much as you can. Don't push your parents or yourself too far. 


Doodle of the day: An alien

Day 24: 


It's a bank holiday. Take the day off and see you on Monday.


Doodle of the day: A holiday

The class is having a makeover

Day 23:


I'm in school today so I don't have much time to update. All I can say is, keep up the hard work. If you have sent any emails then I promise I will follow them up at lunchtime. I will also be making phone calls from school today. Speak to you later team. 


Doodle of the day: Something you have missed

Day 22:


Happy 6th May team, nothing special on today but I did make 6 phonecalls yesterday, of which 5 were delightful! :P I'm making more phonecalls later today to catch up with some of you and to hear about all the things you have been up to.


If anyone is struggling with work (and google is no help) then please do not hesitate to contact me for help. I am happy to send over help or make a phonecall to explain things a little clearer. 


The doodle a days are coming through slowly and look great. Feel free to interpret the theme of the day in any way you want. I might be a little slow in getting them on the page but I will be doing it. Book reviews are coming through too which are great to read! 


On another note, if anyone would like to write any of these messages of the the day then get in contact. I need a day 22, 23 and 24. I'm happy for you guys to share a message, doodle theme and a fun activity for the class at 9.30am daily, just get it sent over. 


Doodle of the day: Something that makes you feel alive

Day 21:


what's day 9 + day 10.... day 21! 

It's two weeks later from the first set of phonecalls and i'm doing that weird thing again when I ring your houses this week to have a catch up. I thought warning you now would mean that all aren't so freaked out and actually want to talk. I've seen so much of your work these last few weeks so it would be great to talk about that.... if you haven't managed to complete much of the work then I want to hear about everything else. If you haven't already, the PLEASE check out the year group gallery to see all the B-E-A-utiful pieces of work done by all the year 5 children and also our class page gallery to see what everyone else has been up to.


Doodle of the day: Day of the dead (Cinco de Mayo)

Tanushri's seasonal painting

Day 20:


Day 20 in year 2020.... What are the odds!? Isn't that funny. 


Talking of funny.... today I want you to record yourselves telling a joke and send it in so I can share it here on the page. It would be really nice for other classmates to hear you and have a laugh at your best joke. If you can't record a joke and send it in via email then feel free to use 'message a teacher feature' to message it in and I will read it out for you. I want a gut busting set of jokes on this page by tomorrow. Also, parents! don't be shy, we know adults have some good jokes to, the class would really appreciate it if you were able to contribute too. 


All recorded jokes can be sent to


Doodle a day: Something cute. (Ellie, you have practised this enough in class to nail it today)

(Lewis, May the 4th be with you.... Baby Yoda??)

Amber's Star Wars day tribute

Day 19: Pinch, punch, first day of the month!


May... MAY!! we are in May! What strange times we find ourselves in. As it stands, there is only 54 school days left until the summer holidays so, I don't know about you, I really can't wait to get back into school to make the most of it.

  • Let's go a bit further, you have 123 days until you start Year 6.
  • Now, let's go even further! you have 446 days until you finish Year 6. How mad is that.
  • Now, let's go back a bit (cha cha real smooth)... if you were in Tiger class from day 1 (way back when) then you have been in our class for 606 days today!


I'd like to say I did the maths but I just used a website. I have linked it below so you can see how long it has been since you have known someone, lived somewhere or have been doing something. 


On another note! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share/send in your work. Believe it or not, we do want to see all the work you are proud of. It might be a drawing, it might be a cake, it might be a dance you made up! I want to see the best bits just like I would if we were in class. If you aren't happy with sharing your work then don't feel like you have to but if you do then please share... as. much. as. you. want/can. 


Doodle of the day: Something outside your window

Day 18:


Thank you for the reminder Amber, I don't know what i'm doing this week. I've got lots of little bits of your excellent work to put up from this week. 


Hey team, I hope all is well. We are part way through our 3rd school week off school and everything seems to be running quite smootly, probably too smoothly. As of Monday I will be ringing around again to check on you wonderful Macaws again. If you have any interesting to tell me then make a note of it because I would like to hear it. 


I would like to see some book reveiws. I hope that you have been reading many books and I want to hear about these books. Use the 'contact a teacher feature' to tell me the following:

What is the book called?

What is the book about?

Why did you choose that book?

Is this book like any others you have read?

Who was your favourite character?

Who was your least favourite?

Who would you reccomend this book to?


On another note, if you see or hear of any news or watch any videos about the virus that concerns you then please talk to an adult about it. There are many silly stories being told at the moment that seem scary and believable but is often a mix up of information. Stay safe team. 


Today's doodle: If you were a disney character

Day 17


Just over 3 weeks of homeschooling and we are all going strong. Today's doodle is 'something fast' thanks to those that took part yesterday!


Day 15 and 16


OOPS! I knew I was forgetting something yesterday.... I'm not even sure what I was doing that would make me update this page. Anyways, there is another chapter of Coraline on the year group page if you want to go and listen to that (its also a great film) and another chapter of Checkmates on the class page (not yet a film). Below, I have attached a doodle a day challenge. I will give you a topic and you can create anything you want in that topic. I can add the ones you send in to the gallary, so we can see how people have interpreted this topic. This may be good for those that want to draw or just want to have a laugh with a doodle. 


Doodle theme today: Something from the circus. 

Head to the gallery to see what has been done so far.

Day 14


Who would have thought that we were going to get this far! I don't have much to say today other than enjoy your weekend and try to get to the end of the work this week. 

Day 13


Hey squad! I've nearly managed to speak to all of you and it's great to hear from you that everything is going so well.


Well done to Lyla, Lewis and Jayden for winning prizes in the Easter competition! Miss Sultan has your prizes waiting for you when you return. 


It's been a while since we had a story contest (nearly a month ago) so i'm here today to introduce another one (thank you Amber for suggesting it). Below, I have added a picture AND a title. It is now down to you to write a PLAYSCRIPT that matches them both. The deadline is the 28th April and I look forward to seeing what you can produce. It can be dramatic or simply be a comedy but I want stage directions too. Submit via email or Message a teacher feature.


Late to dinner with the Gods

Imagine you were invited to dinner by the Aztec Gods... and you were late! 

How would they take that?

What would happen because you were late?

Why were you invited to dinner?

What happens when you eventually get there?

Are they in a silly, joking mood or are they serious?

Why were you late? Do you lie or tell the truth?

How do the gods react to this news?

Easter Competition 


Hey guys hope you're well, not many of you entered the competition but I have chosen the winners and runners up, they are as follows:



1st Place is Lyla

2nd (joint place) Jayden & Lewis

Prizes will be given when we are back, thank you for entering. I will hopefully set another art activity for you all soon.


Miss Sultan

Day 12


Hey team! Sorry it's a little late today, I had to talk to the other teachers today about work. I have linked some youtube videos below that I liked, I hope you are able to enjoy them too.


We have done a few competitions on this page and people have picked up many many prizes for competing. Today, I want to ask you lot for ideas. What group activities would you like to do while we are off? Use the contact a teacher feature to suggest something fun that we can all take part in on this page. 


On another note, I have about 8 more families to talk to and i'll make those phonecalls later today but please don't forget about each other. Ask your parents if you can talk to someone new, or someone you haven't spoken to in a while. It sounds, and looks like, you are doing some excellent things that I know other people would want to hear about. 

youtube... rap.. And Dr. Seuss!!

Day 11


Aren't the days just flying! I managed to phone a number of you yesterday to have a catch up and i'm hoping to call the other half of the class today to catch up with the rest of you. Everything tends to be going well from what i've heard.

Shaila has stormed away with an amazing score of 473 sceconds to complete the wordsearch yesterday, which was more than half of my score. If you are able to complete it any faster then share your score  

Day 10


Welocme back to school! As you will see there are plenty more activities to do during the home learning and we have also added 4 more stories being read by teachers weekly. I'll make sure to continue with Checkmates but there is also Coraline on the front page and make sure to check out the other teachers too. 


Today, I've made a word search with all your names in and the competition is to see how fast you can do it. So follow the link below and time yourselves to see how quickly you can find all 30 names. Once you have timed yourself, note down your time and challenge your family and friends to see if they can go faster. If you enjoy this wordsearch then there are 4 more in the 'Vocabulary' section of the the home learning.


So far, I've only heard great things about you lot so I just want to say thank you for working so hard and sensibly through all these weeks at home. Keep up the hard work. I'm so proud of all of you! Check back in tomorrow for soe more things. 

Wordsearch high scores:

Shaila - 473 seconds

Mr. M - 1052 seconds

Hey hey hey! 


So, it's the last day of half term. I can only guess that you guys are super pumped to be back to home school from Monday. Just to remind you that Miss Sultan has prizes for the Easter crafts competiton and so far, Jayden has won all of them as the only competitor. So, if you need anything to do this weekend then you should head to the top of this page and see how you could win prizes. 


Besides from that, we have all new exciting things happening for the new term. All new topics, all new ideas and more ways to share our work with each other. We understand that it's not the same as being in class but we can make it as fun as possible while we are not. Over the half term I read and a book, learnt to play Super Smash Bros (poorly) and got outside to enjoy the weather for as much as we are allowed. 


I'm excited to speak to you Macaws soon. until then, keep learning and READING!

Happy birthday Ruby

Still image for this video

Book cover door competition results

Hey Team, evidently we can't stop winning... Even when we aren't in school. Thank you SO MUCH for those that voted! We've won £40 to spend on books for the class so there is one more thing to look forward to when we get back! :) even better is, we beat Mrs Kaur! 

Alphabet game results



1st place - A lunch in class

2nd place - Chromebooks for a lunchtime

3rd place - Three dips in the box

Everyone else - 1 dip in the box


Amber 57 points
Lyla 56 points
Limoni 57 points
Seerat (1st place) 64 points
Marci 49 points
Kabir (2nd place) 60 points
Shaila 54 points
Tanushri (3rd place) 59 points


Day 9 - Oh my gosh. It's been a whole 3 weeks off for some of you and nearly two weeks for the rest of us. Time has just flown! your parents must be that much fun :) Frankie and I have done about 20 maths lessons and a bunch of reading today just to fill the time. After every 5 pieces of work we had a football match, which really helped with cracking on with the work.


Above you will see the alphabet game, you just have to fill the box with a work that starts with that letter. By creative answers, I mean clever answers. Answers no one else would have thought about.


Over half term, please keep up the reading. There are SO many free books available online that I would love to hear about when you get back to school. I'll try to update this page as much as I can, but I can't imagine there will be much to talk about. 

Lastly, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, and the gift of toilet roll from 1 child (i'll let you guess who got me that) AND the cake!... that I didn't get to eat (I'll let you guess who baked that). Hopefully I can bring in some belated birthday cake when we get back.

Day 8 - Pitch, punch first day of the month! Happy April Team! EMINEM is still alive... such a strong, independent fish! I'm in work today and we have THREE children in the class (for the lovers of maths, that's 0.3% of the school) so I have a busy day on my hands. I think I might design a new seating plan for the class for when you come back. I would have loved to do something for April fools with the class but that's quiet hard when you're expecting it and it would have to be online. Only 3 more days until the Easter holidays and until then, just keep going!

  • High score for class quiz (below) is 13! (Seerat!) Who can beat her score??
  • IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, VOTE FOR THE DOOR COMPETITION!!!! THE VOTING FORM IS BELOW. DOOR 5!! 1 vote per person (Wink, wink... if you have 5 people in the house, that's five votes for DOOR 5!) Think of the new books, team!!

Day 7 - 

Not much to say, other than I'm really bored! I hope you lot are working hard, rather than hardly working. I will try and record more of the book and post that later so you can follow along with the story. Other than that, have a good day!


Oh, and well done to the girls (Amber and Rubes.... Late to the party, but Limoni too) for beating ALL the boys in TTRS today! Well done... you can have a dip in the box for every boy you beat in the class! 

Day 6 - 

If you look under 'Home learning' in the Year 5 class page, you will see that we have added lessons for week two. They have been broken down into days and lessons so you will only have to do one from each section each day. Remember, the work on the class page and Mathletics have been set to be completed by Friday. I'm still at home and not in work until Wednesday but I've been busy writing some of your reports and getting things ready for lessons when you get back to school. There will be some extra bits added to the page as we go through the week. I would still really like to hear about some of the work you are doing from home and can't wait to share it when we return to school. As usual, PLEASE be reading your books each day and make a note of the book spines you will need to complete. 

Day 5 - Thank you SO MUCH to the children who shared their stories with us yesterday. It made me so happy getting to read your work through the day. I am waiting for a couple more stories and once I have them, I will be able to give out the list of winners but in the meantime you can read the stories submitted so far in the link at the top of our page. Today I have added a quiz about the class to test how well you have been paying attention this year. Dip in the box for any 20 out of 20! Lastly, I hope you guys enjoy your weekend. I miss you guys!!
Day 4 - Thanks to Seerat for competing in the Macaw vs Teachers TTRS competition yesterday and thanks to everyone else who joined us in the SpellingShed competition! Well done Dylan, Ellie, Seerat and Tanushri for scoring so well in it. Please check in with Mathletics to complete the new work (well done Viigo for being lightening fast so far!) and make sure you are able to read through the day. Only 2 more 'school days' until the weekend!! 

Day 3 - Im glad so many of you are enjoying your time off and doing some excellent work that your parents have been proud of. Please, please, please make sure you are reading for at least 30 minutes a day, think how many book spines we can add to the class! (Amber, I'm on the last chapter!). Work will be added to 'Homework' and Mathletics more regularly as some of you have already finished the workbooks. 


Today I want to know what have been your 5 favourite moments of being in Tiger and Macaw class (parents are more than welcome to submit answers too). Copy and paste the link to list your top 5 choices:

I'll compile the list and post the results tomorrow. 

Day 2 - Team, by yesterday lunchtime Jayden had gone home so there were no Macaws left. With the lockdown going on I hope that you guys are able to remain calm and enjoy your time with your family. As of today, even I am staying at home so I will be unable to get you books but I am still able to help set work, help with work and give out logins that you may need. Also, I plan on recording the rest of Checkmates for you to listen to as we still have 20 chapters left. 

Happy birthday Sid! From Macaw Class

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