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Working together to develop a community where everyone is valued and children become confident, successful learners

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Headteacher          Ms Eileen Sheedy

Deputy                   Ms Jocelyn Bassett

Deputy                   Miss Lucy Barker

Sept 2018 Class


Teaching Assistant/

Early Years Practitioners


Teeny Townies


Miss Mitchell

Pre School Coordinator

Miss Deade

Deputy Pre-school Co-ordinator

Mrs Boulton, Mrs Doyle, Miss Thompson, Mrs Ali, Mrs Flower

Butterfly (AM)

Butterfly (All day)

Bumblebee (PM)


Mrs Ciecko


Mrs Lynch

Mr Brewin

Mrs Lawrence

Mrs Sharma

Starfish R

Mrs Daniels / Mrs Morgan

Mrs Legg

Seahorse R

Miss Bal

Mrs Thamby

Jellyfish R

Ms Sketchley

Mrs Miller

Octopus R

Mrs Beadle

Mrs Shah

Squirrel 1

Mrs Langdown

Miss Bonnick

Hedgehog 1

Miss Haran

Ms Chappell

Robin 1

Ms Lamb

Miss Gardener

Rabbit 1

Mrs Newton / Mrs Sharma

Mrs Vincent

Woodpecker 2

Miss O'Neill

Mrs Allen

Owl 2

Miss Haws

Miss Robinson

Otter 2

Miss Tucker

Mrs Goddard

Badger 2

Miss Howe

Miss Thomson

Giraffe 3

Miss Kirby

Miss Taylor

Zebra 3

Miss McLaren

Miss Thomas

Gazelle 3

Mr Harness

Mrs Macis

Leopard 3

Miss McLoughlin

Ms Martin

Koala 4

MrsHenry/Ms Cowley

Ms Sood

Kangaroo 4

Miss Hassan

Ms Hynes

Panda 4

Mr Evans

Ms Zaman

Tiger 4

Mr Morecraft

Mrs Allan

Jaguar 5

Mrs Hernon

Mrs Benson

Panther 5

Ms McAndrew

Mrs Agarwal

Macaw 5

Mrs Mutlow/Ms Fox

Ms Sultan

Toucan 5

Miss Cross

Mrs Longland

Kestrel 6

Mr Davies

Mrs Asare/Mrs Francis

Kingfisher 6

Mrs Kaur / Ms Kite

Eagle 6

Mr Rockett

Heron 6

Miss Mander

Ms Sparks/Ms Marcham (SEN support)


Ms Turner

Mrs Choudhury


PE Teacher

Mr Ohene



Support Staff


Jayne Thorpe    - HR / Office Manager

Cathy Serrao - PA to Headteacher

Tamara Shoohani - Welfare Assistant


Colin Linton  - Site Manager     

John Doherty - Assistant Site Manager


Dean Wells - Assistant Site Manager


Vaishali Paranjape - IT Network Manager     



Nesta Leary  - Finance Manager      

Cassie McQueen - Finance Assistant


Natalie Subeathar - Admin/Welfare Assistant  



Claire Taylor - Admin Support

Sue Cahill - Admin Support 



















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