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Wow what a busy time we have had in Year 3 so far, and
we’ve only been back at school two weeks!

During our first week back we studied the painting
“Bathers at Asnieres” by Georges-Pierre Seurat during Take One Picture Week.

We really enjoyed experimenting with different painting techniques and making colourful mosaic pictures.
We were lucky enough to borrow the sorting hat from Harry Potter’s school, Hogwarts, to help sort us in to our new Key Stage 2 houses! See the photos below for
which house the hat chose for us!

Our topics this term are Time and Place and Chocolate and we have lots of fun learning to do around these subjects.
Zebra Class’s sharing assembly will be during the Autumn term and we look forward to showing all that we have learned. 

Class Teacher: Mrs Bowers
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Macis

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