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Welcome to Year 3 - Zebra!

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!
Year 3 is definitely an interesting place to be, you can experience being an Egyptian, a Roman or even a pizza chef for the day! We have been working very hard and taking part in lots of exciting activities such as; Art Week, creating and sending emails, times table challenges and designing a suitable outfit for Henry Bear to wear on holiday.

The class teacher is Mrs Bowers and the teaching assistants are Mrs Allan and Miss Deade.

Here is what Zebra Class have to say about being in Year 3:

"ICT is great - you get to go on Fronter."

"I liked  Egyptian Day when we tasted different foods and dressed up."

" Science is really fun."

"I enjoyed the Pizza Express trip when we made pizzas. It was fun watching the man when he flipped the pastry in the air"

"We do lots of dressing up."

"I really like Maths."

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