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Use this to help with your own stories at home.


Running like his life depended on it, Tom made his way through the jungle. Only stopping to choose left, or right. He refused to look behind him as he knew that was a waste of precious seconds. He ran until he got to the edge of the forest. He gave a big sigh of relief as he knew he was safer now then he was before. He slowed down and started walking. Behind him, he herd a screech. A deafening screech that he knew he was further away from. An excruciating screech that he knew he would have to hear tomorrow if he wanted to stay alive. This journey terrified him everyday, but it had to be done. 


Why did he need to make that journey?

What was the sound?

What would happen if he didn't run from the screech?

Did anyone else have to make the journey?

How did he manage to get away from the noise?

Why could he not go around the forest?



Submit your own stories that you have written at home

Write a story at home. It could be just 100 words or 1000 words. Your teachers would love to read them. Use the form to submit your story.


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