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What we have been learning...

What we have been learning...


We learnt all about Black History and enjoyed looking at Africa and some of the countries in Africa on the world map. We made some Kenyan necklaces, clay elephants, textile printing, drumming, sang songs, worked in an African hospital, tried on African clothes and danced to African songs.

We learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali and listened to the story of Rama and Sita. Then we acted the story out and also talked about what parts of the story we remembered, the good and bad characters and our favourite parts! We made Diva's out of clay and painted them and made some Coconut Barfi (a traditional Indian sweet). We also talked about the Fireworks and made up our very own poems. We compared the things Hindu's do at Diwali with other festivals and we shared what we knew about our religions.So far, Jellyfish Class has been doing lots of exciting things. We have been talking about ourselves and our families and most importantly our birthdays! We have learnt about Harvest and Autumn, made our very own harvest baskets, Autumn pictures using things that had fallen off the trees, tried different types of bread and pretended to be farmers too!

We wore our pyjamas to raise money for Children In Need! 

We learnt about how to travel to space, astronauts, and rockets and learnt all the planets through songs! We built spaceships and visited the inflatable dome and learnt all about the stars and the galaxy!
Can you remember all the planets? Use our song to help you:
We practised very hard on our Nativity with Starfish Class and performed to all the parents, Nursery and Year 1! We were very proud of ourselves, we learnt all the songs and actions, some of us narrated and some of us acted! We hope you enjoyed the show. Thank you to all the parents who helped with our beautiful costumes listened to us singing all the Christmas songs at home and helped us learn our lines.
We have all had a lovely Christmas break and are now ready for the New Year! We have had a lot of fun making our class look lived in again! We wrote up our Holiday News, talked about our New Years celebrations and enjoyed meeting our friends again.

Snow Day!
Jellyfish having fun in the snow.

Learn to Respect Week 
We learnt all about how to respect and be kind to people. We made friendship soup, showed kind eyes, and talked about all the kind things we could do for our friends.

Favourite Authors – Julia Donaldson & Nick Sharratt
We have been delving into a variety of books for the past few weeks and have enjoyed acting the stories out, writing about our favourite characters and making parts of the story in our junk modelling.
Chinese New Year
Kung Hei Fat Choy!!
This week has been a cultural whirlwind! We have had so much fun learning about Chinese New Year. As it is the Year of the snake we have made our very own snake sock puppets, we have cooked and tried Chinese noodles, learnt how to write Chinese, made a beautiful Jellyfish Class dragon and learnt a dragon dance, and made scrumptious moon cakes to celebrate the lunar calendar. Now we only wish we could go to China…
Book Week
The traditional tale we will be working on for Book Week will be Three Billy Goats Gruff
On Wednesday we will all come in dressed as a character from our favourite book (please do not think you have to dress as the characters from Three Billy Goats Gruff); we can not wait to see everyone’s costumes!


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