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Image result for animated pictuers of toucanWelcome to Toucan Class 2016-2017!

Teacher :  Ms Mander

                                   Teaching Assistant : Ms Sood



Things to remember :

PE every Wednesday - Please make sure labelled PE kits are in school

Homework given out every Friday, to be submitted by the following Wednesday

(Bug Club and Mathletics are always available)

Swimming every Friday - Finished for the current year

Spelling test every Friday



Year 5 Pocket Plans - Summer 2017



Text of the term :The Tale of Mighty Beowulf (Epic Poem)




Michael Morpurgo's version of  the Anglo-Saxon poem 'Beowulf'. Beowulf is the longest epic poem in Old English.  It tells the story of a struggle between the hero, Beowulf and a bloodthirsty monster called Grendel. Epic Poetry is a lengthy narrative poem, ordinarily concerning a serious subject containing details of heroic deeds and events significant to a culture or nation.[


All our work in Literacy, example: Writing Play Scripts, recounts, diary entries, Persuasive writing etc, is based on the text of the term.


Suggested reading : Children's version of Odyssey by Homer (Greek mythology), other books by Michael Morpurgo -






It is extremely important to learn Times Tables.

Learn your times tables the fun way!

















In Science we are learning about Life Cycles this term. As part of Flower life cycle, we dissected flowers to look at the different parts that are responsible for germination; example Ovary, Stamen, Stigma, Carpel, Anther, Filament, Pollens, Pollen tube etc.

Toucan class planted carrot and sunflower seeds!

Look how much our seeds have germinated in seven days!!

Sience this week involved checking solubility of sugar in hot, warm and cold water. We also checked the effect of stirring on solubility.



Year 5 went on a very informative and interesting visit to the Twickenham & Thames Valley Beekeepers Association on 14.06.2017. It was a great learning experience wherein we got the opportunity to learn about the life cycle of bees and see different bees (Queen bee, Worker bees, Drone bees) up close.

IPC - As part of our topic 'Building a Village', Toucans enjoyed a very informative walk around Isleworth, exploring the history of ther area. Here are some glimpses:

As part of our topic INVESTIGATORS, we learnt all about forensic science - Finger Printing, Chromatography, PH value of different substances ascertaining their acid, alkaline or neutral property. It was a very hands on and enjoyable experience!

This week for IPC, year 5 have been learning all about Forensic science and being an Investigator. REAL POLICE INVESTIGATORS visited us on 10/01/17 to help us investigate a crime scene!

Year 5 had the most exciting experience today when they got to handle the actual moon samples!!! Here are some excerpts :

We had great fun, experiencing virtual reality in school today! Here are some glimpses:


We have been learning about Buddhism in RE. On 13th March 2017, we visited the Buddhist Temple in Chiswick. It was very interesting and calming, as, along with other information, we even got to experience three minutes meditation under the guidence of the monk, Venerable Ari.


Fantastic Science week started on 22.05.2017! On 23.05.2017, Toucan class along with other year 5, had the opportunity to attend a fun Lego workshop! We built robots and alogorithums to make our robots move using motion sensors etc.

Science Week has been highly successful! Several STEM activities were offered to ll year groups.Toucan class had a great learning and fun experience with a Maths Workshop on 25/05/17 and dressing up day on Friday 26/05/17. Here are some Highlights :

Year 5 went on a fabulous trip to London on 26th April, 2017. It was such a privilage, to see one of the biggest musical ever -'The Lion King', at Lyceum Theatre. Many thanks to Mrs Mutlow for organising a fantastic afternoon of sheer amazement! All the children and staff were well wowed by this incredible experience!

Toucan class gave a fantastic treat to their parents on Wednesday 1st March 2017, in the form of a great, funfilled assembly!!!

Look what fun we had dressing up for the World Book Day on 21st February 2017! It was a busy week with several different activities organised - Book Swap, Dressing up, Book corner display competition etc


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