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The Great, the Bold and the Brave!

The Great, the Bold

and the Brave!

Classical civilisations: Greece, Rome and beyond


We will learn about the civilisations of ancient Greece and Rome, and the impact of these classical civilisations on both the past and the present. 

Horrible Histories take on the Greeks



 Battle of Marathon  Alexander the Great  Groovy Greeks

Year 6 Visit to the Houses of Parliament

Monday 14th December 2015

Our Visit to the Houses of Parliament.mp4

Still image for this video
Learn more about Parliament by clicking on this link:      

Look at our fantastic Greek and Roman Projects!

Horrible Histories Greece and Rome

14 videos about the Ancient Romans and Ancient Greeks. Beware of advertising!

Classical Architects - Rome

Today we took the role of 'classical architects' and recreated some of the famous and most celebrated buildings from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Look at the videos below to be inspired.

Famous Ancient Greek buildings

Learn more about the Romans and the Greeks. Click on the images below to find useful websites:

Was the collapse of the Roman empire in the west a series of gradual adjustments or a catastrophic event that brought violent change?

BBC archived pages giving interesting information on both the Greeks and the Romans.


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