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English - The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

We investigated how saliva 'attacks' starch during STEM week.

We enjoyed constructing and launching our rockets during STEM week.

Mayans: History Music Video (Parody of "Royals" by Lorde)

A music video sung to the tune of Royals by Lorde. Created for a Grade 6 history class studying the Maya.



I’ve never seen a mayan in the flesh

But I saw Apocalypto when it came to the movies

And I’m aware of their address

On the Yucatan, Central America

They lived in places like Tikal, Copan, over in Belize

West in Palenque, north in Chichen Itza

Travel there, you’ll find pyramids everywhere

Everyone had earrings, tattoos, faces painted dark red

Crossed eyes, Make up and sloping foreheads

But they don’t care, they’re not embarrassed by what they wear


And I’m loving the Mayans (mayans)

And they love making blood run

Religious rituals were done

And human sacrifice was fun

The halach uinic’s the ruler (ruler)

In Mayan it means true man

And baby they ruled (they rules, they ruled, they ruled)

The city states on the Yucatan




In mayan math I’ve cracked the code

I know the calendar that they designed is now global

And everyone that knows me knows (knows)

Had I lived back then, I would have been a noble

And all the peasants would farm the land for peppers, corn and cacao

Build all the temples, time to fight a war now

Say a prayer, their lives were heading into despair


Artisans were carving glyphs and churning Mayan art out

Head down, work hard, or they’ll cut your heart out

Kings don’t care

Their social systems were never fair

Still I’m loving the Mayans (Mayans)

They just really, really rock

You know they would never balk

At a deadly game of pok a tok

No group has been cooler (cooler)

I think that we can all agree

They were so cool  (they rule, they rule, they ruled)

Until 900 AD


Oooooh, oooh, OH NO

600 years they were fine

Then they started to decline

Oooooh, oooh, OH NO

And despite our queries

Today we’ve only got theories

About the fall of the Mayans (Mayans)

It really makes me feel sad

Maybe the soil it went bad

Or the peasants just got mad

And overthrew their ruler (Ruler)

For being such a silly schmo

So why did they fall (they fall, they fall, they fall)?

Well I guess we’ll never know

Mayan song lyrics for sharing assem.


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