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Welcome to Reception - Starfish !

Welcome back to Starfish Class. This half term our topic is 'Our Senses'. We will be exploring all our senses via some fun activities and related lessons. 

What better way to learn about our senses this half term than a visit to Kew Gardens. Thank you to all the helpers that enabled us to enjoy the day. We were so lucky with the marvellous weather. 

We saw, smelt, listened, touched and tasted our way around the gardens. 
The children were amazing, they just walked and walked. 

First we explored the Tree Top Walkway. All Starfish children were very brave to climb to the top. Well done to everyone. 'I counted 119 steps !' said Louis and Aongus. Did anyone else count that many? We experienced what it feels like to walk through the tops of the trees.  

We then walked back over Sackler Crossing bridge and had our well deserved lunch at the beautiful Azalea garden. Can you remember the vibrant colours we saw? 

We then explored around Palm House. As we walked to the Palm House, Tyler noticed from a distance how the tall tropical trees inside resembled 'a roaring dinosaur'. See the picture below to see if you can spot the dinosaur. Well spotted Tyler ! Remember the heat inside Palm House? 'Look up there I can see a banana growing on the tree' said Oliver. What fantastic tropical plants we saw. 

Finally we finished our tour at Climbers and Creepers and the Treehouse Towers. The children enjoyed exploring both indoor and outdoor areas. Thank you once again to all the helpers who gave Starfish class a day never to forget.

Next term we will be learning about 'Animals'. To help with this topic we will be taking the children to Whipsnade Zoo by coach. We will send details about this trip in due course. 

At any stage if you have any questions please come and see a member of Starfish staff.

Thank you for your continued support especially during our building works.

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