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Welcome to Squirrel Class.
Class Teacher: Miss Reilly
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Sharma

Throughout the year we will cover the following topics:
Who Am I?
Flowers and Insects
Dark and Light
Hooray...Let's Go On Holiday!

Autumn 2
Our new topic is TOYS!  
We have drawn and labelled our favourite toys.  We have looked at some toys from the past and are really excited about our trip to The Museum of Childhood. 
 We have read the stories of Dogger and Elmer and the Lost Teddy.  We are now using the film Toy Story to inspire our creative writing.  We have had lots of fun learning about money in our class toy shop.

In ICT we used a program to help us understand more about old and new toys. We played a old/new toy sorter game. It was great fun.

In Maths we are learning how to use a numberline to solve addition and subtraction number sentences.We also have been learning how to double numbers.

In Science Discovery dog is coming to visit. We are investigating different materials in Science this week!

Spring 1
We have been exploring Light and Dark in our new IPC topic.

In Literacy: We read the story of "Owl Babies". We acted out the story with our friends. We also wrote a recount of the story. We are trying to remember all our important rules for writing.

We have been learning about nocturnal animals.We wrote riddles about our favourite nocturnal animal.

In Maths we made a class pictogram to record what our favourite nocturnal animal was. It was great fun!!

In ICT we created "Starry Night" pictures using black card and chalk. We also made differernt day time and night time pictures linking with our topic.

In Science Discovery Dog came to visit. We were investigating Light and Dark. We tried to read a book in a dark tent. Jayden " I needed a torch to help me". We recorded our findings with the help of discovery Dog.

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