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Spring Term 2017

In the first part of this Spring term we learn about circuses through the ages, the different acts and costumes.

We have some special visitors coming into school to help us with this. In Literacy we will be looking at books by the author Roald Dahl with a focus on The Twits. As part of our RE studies this half term we will be visiting the synagogue in Richmond, in line with our focus on Judaism.

Take a look at some of the things we have been up to so far this term:

In History we have been comparing circuses over the years. We looked at the Roman circus, the traditional 20th century circus and the modern-day contempory circus; and comparing the different types of venue, audience and acts! Here we are sorting pictures from those three categories under the three types of circus:

We celebrated World Religion Day with our buddy class, Macaw! We listened to the Jewish folktale 'A Squash and a Squeeze' and acted it out in our groups. One group even got to perform it in Macaw Class sharing assembly the following week!


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