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Welcome to Reception - Seahorse!


Welcome back to Seahorse class. In our last term this year we will be learning about different types of animals such as farm, wild, sea animals, pets and insects. Each week we will pick a different group of animals to learn about. This week we are learning about farm animals. 

We have been given the job of looking after the school chickens, this involves collecting the eggs, feeding the chickens and letting the chickens out of their home for a run each day. Sometimes when we collect the eggs they are still warm, you won't get that in Tesco's. On a serious note this type of activity helps to give the children an idea of where the food from the supermarket comes from.

We will be visiting Whipsnade Wild Animal Park to get some first hand experience of animals. Trip details will be distributed in due course. We are sure all the children will enjoy this trip. This term the children will take part in Sports day on Thursday 30th June and Fun day on Friday 1st July. Looks like our last term is going to be a very busy one indeed. If you have any questions please come and see a member of Seahorse staff. 

Thank you for your continued support.

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