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Welcome to a new term in Owl class!  smiley
We have settled in very quickly and have been learning all about our  senses for our topic.
We made senses games for our homework and played them with our friends.  See the photos below!

Tuesday 8th October
This week we have been reading and performing poems which use the senses.  We read 'Sounds Good' by Judith Nicholls and then wrote our own verse together as a class.
Which sense are we using?

Sweets squeak,
carrots crunch;
sandwiches squash
and M &M's munch.

Spring Term!
Our new topic this half term is The Circus!
Did you know that the very first circus was in Rome and it was called the Circus Maximus?
We are looking forward to our circus skills workshop later this term.
Last week we went on a wonderful visit to the Synagogue in Richmond as part of our R.E learning about Judaism.  We learnt all about Hanukkah last term in our Celebrations topic and we were very excited to see the beautiful Torah scrolls in the Ark.
Look below to see some photos from our lovely visit!

We had great fun improving our circus skills with Drew from Fantastic last week.
Phoebe and Tobe were particular good at spinning the diablo and we all managed to get the plates spinning.  Balancing the peacock feather was the easiest skill of them all. 
See the photos in our gallery below!

National Science Week!
This week we are learning about the author Beatrix Potter because she was also a scientist!  She collected fossils and archaeological artefacts from London excavations. 
She also studied Mycology - that's looking at fungi! 
We had a visit from Jack's mum who is a research scientist.  She works for a chocolate company and we all agreed that was a pretty great job to have.  She told us how chocolate is made and we made our own chocolate lollies - see the photos below!

The photos from our recent trip to Chiswick House walled garden are also below.  We had a great time planting and weeding and identifying different plants as part of our topic - You are what you eat!

Summer Term!
 Owl class now have a class blog where we can post comments about the things we have been doing and learning about in class.
Just type the following into your Internet browser to see the blog and to add a post.
Happy blogging Owls!

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