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Our trip to Kidzania in Westfields, White City a few weeks ago was absolutely amazing! There were so many shops and jobs to work in, including a supermarket, pizza parlour, H&M, Disco DJ, police and fire people. We were spoilt for choice as there were so many jobs to choose from. We had the best day at Kidzania and at the end of the day we were absolutely exhausted from working so hard as you will probably tell when you scroll through our pictures. Lastly, a big thank you again to our wonderful parents for spending a very busy day with us.

A hoy me hearties! We had a swashbuckling adventure dressed as pirates for the day as part of our topic. We began our journey making pirate's punch that tasted great, then we made our own maps for our epic treasure hunt, finally we designed and made our flags using acrylic paints. Take a look at what a fantastic crew we make and our teachers don't look too bad either!

Please take a look at our photos of our trip to Chiswick House and Walled Gardens. We had an absolutely wonderful time learning all about bee keeping and pollination, composting, different types of plants, seeds and herbs and why they have been planted in the walled garden. We especially enjoyed the free samples of rhubarb and sunflower seeds too. Yum. Thank you to all the staff at the gardens who kept us well informed, we leanrned loads! Also a big thank you to our fabulous parents for coming along and sharing this experience with us. We had a brilliant time!

In Art this week, we had lots and lots of fun creating some amazing pictures based on art work by Andy Goldsworthy. We used twigs, leaves,pebbles, berries, sea shells, conkers and pine cones to make our unique and very stunning pieces of art. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as we enjoyed making them.

Please have a read of the Key Stage One assessments details below

A few weeks ago we had lots of fun making delicious, healthy snacks and even more fun eating our tasty treats. Check out our photos of Owl class devouring some very colourful Rainbow Fruit Kebabs and our Cheesy Quesadillas, all washed down with fabulous Fizzy Fruit Cocktails. Fantastic!

Book Character Day: We dressed up as our favourite book characters for Book Week..check out our stunning costumes.

Owl Class' Circus Sharing Assembly

On Wednesday we had our sharing assembly that was all about how the Traditional circus had changed from the Circus Maximus that used a lot of  speed and skill in their chariot races, brave and fearless hunters capturing wild beasts and animals that were used for entertainment, and clowns performing very funny balancing tricks. 

For the Modern Circus our performers showed a range of beautiful and very graceful skills using hula hoops, poise and ribbons. 


We were all really excited (and a little bit nervous) to show our friends and family as we had all worked incredibly hard to get our lines and performances just right.


Lastly, we would like to say a really big thank you to our wonderful parents/carers and friends for helping us learn our lines, reminding us to bring our costumes to school, coming to see us  perform and visiting our classroom to have a look at our work. You are all stars!


Please take a look at our fantastic might even spot yourself!

Owl Class Circus Skills Workshop 


This week the circus skills workshop came to Isleworth Town school and we learned a number of awesome and very tricky skills that would usually take a grown up weeks to learn, however Owl Class learned our fantastic skills in one morning!surprise Take a look at some of our photos of us learning how to balance, juggle and most of all having fun.



We went up to the small hall and met the amazing Drew, who taught us all of our fabulous skills.

First Drew taught us how to balace a beautiful peacock feather in the palm of our hand, then on one finger and if we felt we were ready, we could balance the feather on our chin, foot or the tip of our nose. We also had a go at spinning plates, juggling scarves (Drew told us this was easier than juggling balls...And he was right!) and we used the diablos too as well as lots more. We had such a great time learning some circus skills and cant wait to show you in our class assembly

Please take a look at our spring term 2017 pocket plan

World Religion Day


Last week we worked with Year 5 Jaguars, who are our buddy class, to plan and design colourful and eye catching posters to recognise World Religion Day.  We decided to focus on treating others as we would like to be treated, which is very common in many world religions.  We were split into small groups, to discus our ideas and planned our designs.  We were allowed to be as creative as we liked and used paint, glitter paint, glitter,  colouring pens, colouring pencils and laptops to create our unique designs. We had an absolute amazing time working with Jaguar Class and were very impressed with how grown up and sensible they all were.  In fact, we are looking forward to working with them again very soon.


Please have a look at our photo's of Owls and Jaguars working really well togethersmiley


Owl Class Newsletter December 2016

On Monday we had our fabulous class parties. First,we started off with games in our classroom. We played pin the tail on the donkey and decorated festive pictures that we used as place mats. Then we went into the main hall for a mini disco, Ms.Allen was the dj and we think she did well! After we took our dancing shoes off we had a surprise visit from Father Christmas. We were so excited to see him and Mrs.McCarthy was his little helper. Father Christmas gave us so many amazing gifts & we are really looking forward to playing with them. When we got back to class we saw plates on the tables with lots of delicious food including, crisps, biscuits, cupcakes and chocolate doughnuts with sprinkles. Yum! After we finished all of our yummy food and drink, we played pass the parcel on the carpet and we got to open all of our fantastic gifts from Father Christmas. Thank you Father Christmas and Mrs.McCarthy

This week we planned and designed celebration floats as part of our Topic 'Celebrations'. In small groups we discussed which celebration we wanted to focus, some groups chose Holi, Diwali, Birthdays, Christmas and Haloween. Then, we had to choose our cardboard boxes and plan colourful, interesting original designs for our floats. As a class we really enjoyed thinking creatively about the construction of our floats and how we could improve our designs and make them even better. We had so much fun making our celebration floats and used lots of materials including tissue paper, glue, artificial flowers, pompoms, glitter, paint and coloured card. Here are some pictures of us making our fantastic Celebration Floats.

Hey Ewe! Christmas Production 2016


On Thursday Year 2 performed our long awaited Christmas production 'Hey Ewe!' in front of our parents and friends (2 performances in 1 day, thank you very much!) 

Once again it was totally amazing, Year 2 did a flawless performance from start to finish and we really enjoyed the songs and having so many wonderful visitors watching us.


Owl Class really missed having Miss.Haws watching uscool but the Gospel Angels did their best and got their wiggle onindecision

Please have a look at some more of our wonderful Christmas production pictures below.

Hey Ewe!

Year 2 performed our Christmas production 'Hey Ewe!' in front of Year 1 and Early Years.  It was AMAZING!!! Please have a look at some of our awesome photographs taken by Miss. Haws; We think she did a good jobsmiley


Here are all the songs for the Christmas show - Hey Ewe!  - Enjoy!!!


Hustle Bustle

Something's Going On

How much Further to Bethlehem?

Hey Ewe!

Calypso Kings

Gospel Angels

Follow the Star

Have You Heard?

A King Is Born

Owl Class 2016-17



Welcome to Owl Class 2016-17

Welcome to Owl Class, our teacher is Miss.Haws and our teaching assistant is Ms.Allen.
On our page we will be sharing lots of information and pictures about all the fabulous topics we will be learning about in class.


This term we have been learning about 'Our Senses' and in Art we used paint, oil pastels and photography to create amazing works of art.

Have a look at our colourful slide show and see how we got on.




The Great Fire of London


This term we learned all about the Great Fire of London, in Pudding Lane on the 2nd September 1666.  We found out that the Great Fire was started by a baker named Thomas Farynor because an oven had been left on overnight.  In Art we painted boxes and made Tudor houses to recreate our very  own Great Fire of London on the field.  Year One came to watch London burn and it was amazing!



The Great Fire of London

Owl Class October Newsletter


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