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On Tuesday the 19th June we had our year 2 Pirate Day! The children wore some fantastic costumes and really got into character! We had a map skills workshop and made pirate ships.

We have been busy creating artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. We collected things from nature and then arranged them into sculptures. The children loved doing this and continued into their afternoon play!

We were so lucky to have Haroon's parents come in to talk to us about Ramadan. They read us a lovley story and we got to take part in a fantastic Oreo challenge. We carefully broke the Oreo in the middle and used spoons to scrape out the filling to create one of the phases of the moon. What a brilliant activity!

For Soccer Aid all the children in the school completed an obstacle course. They were allowed to choose a ball and hockey stick or a bean bag to throw, roll or bounce around the course. They kept going for 30 minutes! Thank you for your donations.

In STEM week we met up with our Buddy Class. One half made some bouncy custard balls and the other half used the laptops to do some plastic tagging. We looked at lots of pictures of beaches and had to identify the plastic and select which type of plastic it was. The children now know how important it is to dispose of plastic properly and more importantly to re-use plastic when possible!

During STEM week we had a special visit from Soly and his team at the Francis Crick Institute. They told us all about germs and viruses and how diseases are spread. We got to have a go at using microscopes and we tried on a scientist coat and goggles! We had so much fun and there may be a few budding scientists among us!

This week we celebrated the Royal Wedding! We had a go at dancing, ate a picnic on the field and even turned ourselves into Kings and Queens by decorating our own crowns!

For the football World Cup Otter class are supporting England! We did some research to find out what England really is famous for... Fish and Chips anyone?

The Pirate craze has begun! Can you spot yourself as a Pesky Pirate?

We had a fun few days celebrating The Beast from the East, school remained open and we had a wonderful time playing in the snow on the field and sledging. We also enjoyed hot chocolate to warm up and cupcakes to celebrate Anas's birthday!

On Friday 23rd February we went to the Synangogue in Richmond to support our learning about Judaism in RE! We had a great trip and everyone was very well behaved, a man on the bus with us said it had 'brightened his day' seeing us all having fun!

To support our work on the circus this term, we have had an excellent circus skils workshop form Drew at Fantastiko. We learnt how to balance Peacock feathers, use a diablo, spin plates on a stick and our fingers and a variety of balancing activities!

For Black History Month we have been learning all about John Henry. See if your child can retell this old American folktale!

We have been learning about Diwali this week in Otter Class, we made some beautiful Diwali Kandil Lanterns to celebrate the festival of light.

For Take One Picture week we looked at a painting of The Great Fire of London 1666. The artist is unknown but i'm sure you will agree there are lots of little artists in Otter Class!

Before we played the games the children presented them to the class. They told us what it was and what senses it used!

Well done to those children who produced amazing senses games this week! You have worked so hard and we had a great afternoon playing them!

This week we took part in a taste and smell investigation. The children had to try different crisps, once holding their nose and once by smelling the crisp first. A great experiment to try at home! Do you need your sense of smell to be able to taste?

The children all enjoyed painting their hands with animal patterns. Miss Tucker even allowed Taya to paint her hand! The animal designs were fantastic!

We have produced some amazing artwork using our photographs and oil pastels!



A big welcome to the new Otter class. We have had a busy but fun first couple of weeks in year two. We have been doing some fantastic writing about our summer holidays and we have been learning to count in 2's, 5's and 10's! We have explored our emotions and produced some fantastic oil pastel portraits. Stay tuned for photos.


Miss Tucker and Mrs Goddard 


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