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Welcome to Nursery

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Teacher: Mrs Ciecko

Early Years Practitioner: Mr Brewin, Mrs Lynch, Mrs Sharma

Nursery Assistant: Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Tang, Mrs Haran, Mrs Ladva



Father’s Day - day full of fun and challenges

Growing - we have been talking about how babies change when they grow, how plants grow from a seed, how caterpillars turn into butterflies and how frogspawn changes into toads

PE Lesson - we like to stay healthy in Nursery so we stretch our muscles, learn to balance our bodies and have fun

Mother’s Day celebration

We’re going on a NUMBER hunt, we’re going to catch a big one, we’re not scared!

Woodwork - such an amazing opportunity to develop better hand-eye coordination, strengthen hand muscles, improve concentration and learn some life skills. We all know how to use hammers, nails, screwdrivers, screws and a hatchsaw :)

Zoolab’s visit - we know everything about these little creatures now

All teddies welcome - Teddy Bear Picnic was so much fun. We baked delicious biscuits for them and made special 'teddy bear tags' for our teddies to make sure we don't loose them

Once there were dinosaurs (yes, in our Nursery!) The children were learning how to look after a dinosaur exploring what they like to eat, how they grow and what happened to them a long time ago. We also took our baby dinosaurs for ‘a gentle walk in the park’

Mrs Ciecko, can I tell you the story now? - asked a boy looking at the story map we had just drawn on the carpet with the children.

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When you child says ‘I didn’t do anything today’ they mean they’ve learned many new skills without even being aware of it. We learn every day; we learn through play, we explore, we move

One apple a day keeps doctor away but in Nursery we have our own ways of staying fit and healthy - we like music and we like to be active

Nursery children enjoy our beautiful outdoor area - recently we have been counting our jumps

We found some footprints on the floor!! Let's check the cameras to see who has visited our Nursery ...

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Wow! There's been a dragon in a school! It must be ZOG!!

We were learning about Christmas, making cards and decorations. They were also really excited when Santa visited us.

The children in Nursery know how to cook and bake. We even created our own recipe book. They know they have to balance the eggs with flour, sugar and butter. Then mix the butter and the sugar together. Add the eggs and then the flour. Ta dah, the cakes are almost ready :)

The children were talking about their families and their special toys when sharing Special bags with friends

The children in Nursery have only started their school adventure;

they enjoy making new friends, exploring indoor and outdoor areas and

learning how to be independent when using the toilet or putting their coats on.


Please have a look at our weekly newsletter (which you can find on the Nursery noticeboard) to find out what we do every week and how you can support your child's development.


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