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School Journey

Monday 16th September -
We have all arrived safe and sound and the children are enjoying their first activities in late afternoon sun. More news tomorrow (Internet reception dependent!!!)
All children well and happy!

Tuesday 17th September -

Rain, rain, rain... has not stopped the children from having a wonderful time and completing many challenges. Children have so far taken part in activities such as climbing, abseiling, archery, rifle shooting, blind trail and survival skills to name a few.
The children are very comfortable and sleeping well in their rooms in the manor house and enjoying the plentiful food from the refectory.
It has been great to see excellent team work and cooperation from all the children and they look forward to another, hopefully drier, day tomorrow!

Wednesday 18th September -

We told you to stock up on Daz...The rain yesterday has ensured that we will be bringing plenty of lovely Shropshire mud back on our clothes and in our shoes. The levels of perseverance, resilience and downright cheerfulness are amazing and the standard of behaviour is something of which we can all be proud. Today the children have been rolling around the floor in glorious mud and after lunch enjoyed a fantastic hill walk along the Long Mynd with fabulous views and encounters with wild ponies. Talking of lunch the food is great, too great in the case of Mrs McCarthy and the breakfast sausages, but who's counting?
Personal hygiene levels are going down as well as up; teachers are doing their best to encourage the children to maintain the high standards of home. If that fails the canoeing and kayaking will ensure that the children get a quick dip in the water at least once this week. As this is being written, the children are preparing for their disco - the scent of Lynx and Impulse is almost suffocating and vats of hair product are being passed around like hot cakes.
Contrary to expectation, all children are falling asleep at a good time, exhausted but happy after the day's activities. More news tomorrow...

Thursday 19th September -

Wet, wet, wet... was still ringing in the ears of the children from the disco and could also describe the first activity of the day, canoeing and kayaking in the driving rain. No-one was deterred by the weather and the children (and staff) showed great determination on the water. If not already wet enough from the downpour a few children still felt the need to check how well their buoyancy aids worked but even soaked through all still had smiles on their faces. The children have also taken part in archery, bivi and manor Olympics today and continue with the same great levels of enthusiasm as days gone.


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