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School Journey 2017

Monday -


After a safe arrival and an event free journey this year's cohort of adventurers arrived in high spirits. The children were taken straight off the coach by the instructors and after a few bits of safety information were into activities. The children took part in sessions including an underground maze, a low ropes course and a trail to complete while blindfolded. 

All the children were seen to be eating at tea time and ate well from the excellent selection of food, the chocolate eclair for dessert went down particularly well.

The evening consisted of an evening walk for all the children where they were able to get close up to nature and explore the local countryside.

The children's behaviour has been a shining example with many compliments given by the instructors to the staff, they even settled down to sleep relatively early! 


Tuesday - 

The children woke at a decent time ready for the day and they have now experienced what a full on day at Manor Adventure is like. Fuelled by sausages, bacon, egg and beans the children have been tackling the high ropes course, trying the obstacle course, shooting riffles and some have completed the hill walk in the nearby Carding Mill Valley. Spirits are high and all are having a wonderful time. The weather today has been delightful with plenty of sunshine but we stand with our raincoats in hand ready for the next couple of days. I am sure though nothing will dampen our spirits.


Wednesday -

The children woke to the now familiar sound of the cockerel and quickly got prepared for another day. Those who had not conquered the hill walk on Tuesday faced that task first while other children took part in the obstacle course, high ropes, crate stacking and abseiling. The weather gave us another dry day and the food continued to keep all happy especially the chocolate cake and chocolate custard. As an added bonus the children also all enjoyed a surprise portion of birthday cake to celebrate one of the groups birthday. We all look forward to another day full of activities tomorrow and the challenges that are waiting. 


Thursday -


Culmington Manor is a very different place in the rain. Activities carry on regardless and the children's enthusiasm doesn't seem to be

affected. Just ready the washing machines for a few extra damp and muddy clothes. Thursday ended with a disco which all the children loved and danced the night away to their favourite songs. 


Friday -

The final morning activities followed a beautiful clear night and the children were able to see the night sky without the light pollution we are accustomed to in London. Subsequently it was a chilly, foggy morning but the children warmed themselves up completing the orienteering course. Keep an eye on the website next week for many more photos of all the fun the children have had. 


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