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School Journey 2015

Welcome to the news update from school journey 2015. We have had a few technical issues and sorry for the delay in getting news started but we should now be able to do regular updates to inform you of how the children are getting on.


We left you all in beautiful sunshine on Monday morning and have been fortunate that the good weather has travelled with us. The children have coped well with the move to a new environment and are very much enjoying their dormitory living with their friends. The meals have provided all with the energy needed for their activities and a few sweet treats have helped along the way too!


Day one saw children take part in activities ranging from Manor Olympic Games, caving, camping skills and the obstacle course. Confidence was high and many children showed great attitudes to trying new and challenging things. The water in the cave seems to get deeper each year so many ended the day with soggy socks and smiles on their faces.


Day two was full of walking, firstly a hill walk at Church Stretton and the day ended with an evening walk around the fields surrounding the site. In between this saw various other activities including climbing, abseiling and the blind trail. Unsurprisingly more sleep was had after day two and all woke on Wednesday morning refreshed and ready to go again.


The children have been fantastic so far and a real credit to the school, they have challenged themselves, taken on new tasks with excitement and listen greatly to all instruction given by instructors and teachers alike.


Day three started after a good night’s sleep for all, the first group of children faced the challenge of the confidence course today, a high level ropes and climbing obstacle course not for the faint hearted! Everyone had a go and achieved what they set out to achieve and even a little more in many cases. Other activities the children completed today included BMXing, survival skills, fencing and archery. Each of these had their own challenges, from learning to ride a bike for a few, to the accuracy and control needed when fencing or shooting arrows.


The weather continues to be good and there is even the threat of a bit of sun tomorrow; which will be great as some children have canoeing and kayaking and are bound to end up wet in the pond!

The children continue to be credit to all with great politeness and respect shown plus good determination to overcome whatever barrier stands in their way to completing the week.


Food is going down well and the children and staff are munching their way through all the meals in order to have the energy to complete more and more activities.


Finally the washing piles are growing in each room so get the soap powder ready for when the children get back on Friday!


Day four, the sun has been shining! Just as well as almost all the children taking part in the canoeing and kayaking ended up in the lake! Have a look at the range of photos to see what the children have been up to through the week


Day five, another morning of sunshine put a smile on the faces of all involved along with the knowledge that they would be coming home to see loved ones later in the day. Aching bodies were dragged out of bed, children and staff, and a two final activities were planned for the morning and even though tired all were looking forward to these.

As planned we still should arrive back to school around 6pm but keep a look out for texts from the school for a more accurate arrival time.


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