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Through the holiday period we encourage the children to revise what they have learnt this term. This can  be through every day events. This term they have learnt:

-Adding (within 20)

-Subtracting (within 20)


-Counting and recognising number within 100

-Recognising place value (10's and 1's)

-One more and one less than a given number

-Writing number sentences (4+5=9), knowing to use an addition sign (+) or subtraction sign (-).

-Number bonds to 10 and 20.

-Measuring objects using non-standard units of measure (eg blocks) and measuring with standard unit of measure (cm).

-Sequencing events using the days of the week (On Monday we went to the shop, Wednesday we went swimming. Last week I went to a party, Next week I am going to Grandma's).

-Recognising 2D shapes and their properties (Square has 4 equal side, 4 corners).



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