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Welcome to the Leopard Class' web page!


Teacher: Miss McLoughlin


Teaching Assistant: Ms. Martin

Autumn Term 1 - Earth and Space, Time and Place

This term our topic is Earth and Space, Time and Place.  We've learnt about how night and day works and experimented with light.  Mr Hulme came with his planetarium and we enjoyed learning about the constellations!  We've shared the projects we made with our friends in the class. 

Autumn Term 2 - Chocolate!

Wow! What a great term we have had, learning about where chocolate comes from, fairtrade, the Aztecs and we even made our own truffles (which were delicious!!!).Did you know that chocolate actually comes from trees! Who knew? frown For our project this term we researched and created chocolate projects, some of which included yummy treats to eat at the end, there were even some amazing chocolate houses!

Spring Term 1 - Stone Age to Iron Age.

We have had a great Christmas holidays and have come back ready to learn and work hard! This new year is filled with new topics, our first being all about the Stone Age and the Iron Age, we have learnt about all the odd ways they used to live. The Stone Age people hunting for food, wearing clothes made out of animal skin and sleeping in tents or caves although,the Iron Age people were a little more civilized they still had an odd way of living, painting their bodies with paint before going in to battle, living at the top of hills in tribes or clans and building houses out of sticks, mud and often animal poo! (YUCK!). We can't wait to learn even more when we get to do our own research homework.


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